News: Kia Shine Stands By His Word, "Drake Sampled The Melody, Some Of The Words, Cadence, Etc."

Friday, Sep 18, 2009 11:30AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Kia Shine has maintained his claims of helping pen and create Drake's mega hit "Best I Ever Had" by releasing a point-by-point breakdown of the song's creation.

Writing via a blog, the Memphis, Tennessee-based producer explained how the hit record landed in Drizzy's hands.

"Basically I did a record for Lil Wayne called 'Do It For The Boy', which was on The Leak mixtape back in October," he wrote. "My dude DJ [Absolut] & Enuff was spinning the joint in NY. I gave Wayne the joint back in March of '08 and I had yet to hear the completed version until Absolute hit me. Actually, he was in the office with my man Daralle Jones at Atlantic. He wanted buy the song from me to use for Jahiem. I tried to contact Young Money to get paid for the original track before I made a move, but couldn't get anyone to hit me back. Producer note, as a producer, it's tough with mixtapes these days...It's really impossible for Wayne to do a mixtape track, because if the song is a hit, it's going to touch radio. That's why whenever I produce or perform on a record I immediately send it to my guy, Maani, on the publishing side to handle all the paperwork, etc...I get a call from Absolute and he's like, 'Yo, you sold the song to Drake.' I'm like who's Drake??? Absolute sent me the joint in January and I'm like...wooooow! Drake sampled the melody, some of the words, cadence, etc. So because I had already registered the original record, my business was in order. I sent in the Drake record and let my legal team handle it from there. We were able to settle at 25% of the 'Best I Ever Had' publishing. It's a blessing, but the moral of the story is to 'follow up to get your dollars up' and always be prepared and on top of your business. People should really read my discography and they would understand that this in no surprise. They will respect my mind and my grind soon enough." (Global Grind)

Drizzy, however, said the accusations of 25 percent publishing rights are false.

"There have been questions posed to me the last few days about the writing of 'Best I Ever Had' and I figured I'd take the time to clear the air directly," he wrote Thursday (September 17) night. "I have never met Kia Shine or worked with him. I wrote the entire composition in Toronto and I borrowed one line from a Lil Wayne song that he produced the BEAT for. The claims of 25% ownership are false and for a artist to brag about splits on a song is distasteful to begin with." (October's Very Own)

Writing via Twitter, Shine initially posted images of himself being awarded with Billboard plaques in recognition of the song.

"maan i am not a hater, if someone is blessed with something i commed them and encourage, not discourage," he wrote earlier this week. "for all the nob believers here is the pic taken from Sept.10th's Bm1 awards in NY where I won 3 awards for my publishing share of 'BEST I EVER HAD'...this message is for all the non-believers YES kia shine OWNS 25% OF THE DRAKE SONG 'THE BEST I EVER HAD' 3 BMI AWARDS FOR THE SONG GOING #1 ON 3 BILLBOARD CHARTS. GO BUY HIS EP TODAY! MY FAMILY APPRECIATES IT! ... its all there! can't make sh*t like this up (Kia Shine's Twitter)

He also took credit for a portion of the song's verbal bars.

"They sampled a record that I did for Lil Wayne, called 'Do it for the Boy.' I wrote the hook and the beat for that track," he said in an interview today. "After they heard that and made the Drake song, they settled out for 25 percent." It was also reported in the new Billboard Magazine that Nakia Coleman aka Kia Shine was indeed the writer of the hit song, "Best I Ever Had". Kia Shine who has been on top of the charts with his own song, "Krispy" which peaked at number 66 on the Billboard charts, is also credited with signing and promoting hip hop artist, Yo Gotti. (Examiner)

Check out Kia Shine's sampled "Do It For The Boy" song below:

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