News: Kia Shine Rewarded For Writing "Best I Ever Had" Hit, "I Own 25% Of The Drake Single"

Thursday, Sep 17, 2009 5:55PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Southern rapper Kia Shine has broken his silence on the success of Drake's "Best I Ever Had" hit single and said he helped co-write and produce the mega smash.

Writing via Twitter, Shine also posted images of himself being awarded with Billboard plaques in recognition of the song.

"maan i am not a hater, if someone is blessed with something i commed them and encourage, not discourage," he wrote earlier this week. "for all the nob believers here is the pic taken from Sept.10th's Bm1 awards in NY where I won 3 awards for my publishing share of 'BEST I EVER HAD'...this message is for all the non-believers YES kia shine OWNS 25% OF THE DRAKE SONG 'THE BEST I EVER HAD' 3 BMI AWARDS FOR THE SONG GOING #1 ON 3 BILLBOARD CHARTS. GO BUY HIS EP TODAY! MY FAMILY APPRECIATES IT! ... its all there! can't make sh*t like this up (Kia Shine's Twitter)

He also took credit for a portion of the song's verbal bars.

"They sampled a record that I did for Lil Wayne, called 'Do it for the Boy.' I wrote the hook and the beat for that track," he said in an interview today. "After they heard that and made the Drake song, they settled out for 25 percent." It was also reported in the new Billboard Magazine that Nakia Coleman aka Kia Shine was indeed the writer of the hit song, "Best I Ever Had". Kia Shine who has been on top of the charts with his own song, "Krispy" which peaked at number 66 on the Billboard charts, is also credited with signing and promoting hip hop artist, Yo Gotti. (Examiner)

While initial speculation grew over whether Kia also helped pen the record, additonal reports suggested he just produced the original track.

So the Internets are abuzz with claims that Kia Shine ghostwrote Drake's 'Best I Ever Had.' Although he does own a portion of one of rap?s biggest hits, it appears to be because he produced the original Young Money joint that inspired it. As you can hear in the opening verse of Lil Wayne's "Do It For The Boy", Drake lifted the melody and a few words from Weezy. So Mr. Carter and Kia get a piece of the pie. BMI awards and all. That's how the music biz works, kids. (Rap Radar)

Drake's hit single is featured on his So Far Gone retail re-release which is estimated to push big units next week.

Not even Kanye West can hold back Jay-Z, who will return to the top of the chart next week, with a total that should top 200k for his much-acclaimed Blueprint 3, the first release through his Roc Nation label on Atlantic Records. Kid Cudi's Man On The Moon is estimated to gather around 110-120k. Other chart newcomers include Cash Money/Universal Motown's Drake (55-60k); Asylum's Lil Boosie (45-50k) and Dunk Ryder's Trick Daddy at the 12-15K range. (Hits Daily Double)

Kia made his debut on the microphone around 2007.

He then decided that he would have to step into the mic booth and make solo material in order to rebound. His first single, "Respect My Fresh," was a local smash hit in Memphis in 2006, earning him another deal with Universal Motown. A few more infectious club hits, namely "Stunt Glasses at Night" and "Krispy," followed and made their way onto national airwaves. Shine's debut album, Due Season, arrived in summer 2007. (All Music)

Check out Kia Shine's sampled "Do It For The Boy" song below:

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