News: Juelz Santana Questions Friendship W/ Cam'ron, "Was It Always Just Business?"

Tuesday, Sep 15, 2009 1:10PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Juelz Santana recently spoke on the lessons he learned from his falling out with Dipset leader Cam'ron and why he is able to see eye-to-eye with his Skull Gang artists.

In addition to speaking on his role as labelhead honcho, Santana also discussed his love for bloggers.

"Don't be blind to nothing," Juelz said in an interview. "I learned that from the situation that happened with me and Cam. For me to feel like this is my brother and for us not to come to an agreement, that made me feel like, 'Was it always just business?' That's what made it hurt a little more. But I still wish him the best; I still got genuine love. I was just an artist before and the boss had to deal with me. Now it's a bit different because I have to make sure I give people the right advice, never take things personal, and never be a dictator. Just because you believe in something don't mean it's the truth. So even when I tell people what I believe in, I tell them, 'This may not work for you.' I treat it like we're all our own boss. I'm just the overseer. No one above no one -- we all equal...I love bloggers. If you're a person on the Internet that says, 'Yo, Juelz, this is kind of wack,' I love that, because it's your personal opinion. At the end of the day, everyone is allowed that. But don't just wait for me to do something, then hate on me. 'Cause then you're not a blogger, you're just a hater." (Complex)

Santana recently linked up with SOHH to discuss his thoughts on Cam's Dipset West expansion.

"I always respected Cam's decisions," Juelz explained. "As far as Dipset, Cam is the boss. He do what he want, but you know, just as much as I can say that, n*gga has to give me my credit too as much as, as far as I've built that whole building though. You architected it but I built the whole building. I put at least 85 percent together, the bricks were geared to Dipset, like I said, Cam was always Cam before anything, ya dig? So when it came to Dipset, I was an artist that put everything on the back and really went forward. But as far as Dipset expanding, Dipset is in my blood. So, it is what it is, I don't know. How I feel about Dipset is how I always feel, with Cam, if that's what he wants to do, expand it, then it is what it is. I don't know them dudes over there to not like them -- I don't know them to say nothing about them. I respect all hustlers, anybody trying to get on in any type of way. So, in that case, it's love. Just rep the name right -- I never tried to take the Dipset, my whole thing was Skull Gang. I knew Cam was the boss and Jim [Jones] was the underboss, I was the reigning general of all that so the whole thing is now for us [to be] like the mob. Everybody supposed to have their own family and control their own family...Jim, he has his Byrd Gang family, that's like Cam right now got The U.N. going on, but they do fall under that Dipset tree -- forever, whether we speaking or not speaking 'cause I rep it to the death -- the bird is gonna fly." (SOHH)

He previously spoke on the possibility of a Dipset reunion last March.

"I'm with whatever man," he said regarding a reunion with Dipset leader Cam'ron. "I'm good. I can do me now so it ain't like if we was to do an album together, I can handle my business the way I wanna handle my business so I'm cool with anything. Ya dig? He ain't physically harm me, he ain't do nothing to me in that sense. Now I'm out, I'm free, I ain't got time to dwell on that bullsh*t." (SmackTube)

Juelz previously said the contract he inked with Cam was unfair.

"It was a bad deal," Santana said in an interview. "He owned so much of my sh*t and everything, he just, practically, owned more than what I owned, and it got to a point where I just wanted to get the situation right. I didn't want nothing back. And it's like he wasn't trying to get it right. He wasn't trying to give me what I felt like I was owed." (XXL Mag)

Check out Juelz Santana's SOHH interview below:

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