News: Juelz Santana Defends Chris Brown Collaboration, "I Didn't Care About No Situation" [Video]

Friday, Sep 25, 2009 1:35PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Juelz Santana recently explained why he chose to collaborate with Chris Brown on the new song "Back To The Crib," despite Brown's publicized domestic dispute with former girlfriend, Rihanna, earlier this year.

In addition to speaking on the new record, Juelz said he told Breezy about the importance of learning from one's mistakes.

"Record just got leaked out, me and Chris Brown, it's called 'Back To The Crib,' produced by my man Polow Da Don, it's crazy," Santana said in an interview. "Never, never [did I feel awkward], for what? After he got into a personal thing that's his business? You don't kick a man when he's down. You don't look down on a person unless you're trying to lift 'em up. I remember when they wasn't playing the 'Runnin'' song and Chris first came to me and said 'I wanna get a rapper on it' and once I got on it, they started playing the record. So at the end of the day, I feel like me and him made magic together, it was time for us to make magic together again. I got the right track from Polow, I heard him on it before I even got him on it, so I reached out to my dude, I didn't care about no situation, you live and you learn because he's young. I told him that from an older dude [perspective,] long as you learn from your situation, life is a road of learning experiences. Long as you learn from what you do, it is what it is." (The Life Files)

The duo's new song leaked online earlier this week.

"She wanna roll with me, she wanna go with me," Santana raps. "But she don't know I'm trying to take her back home with me/I told her have a seat in my ride/She said I look like I taste good and she wanna eat me alive/She's looking good in those new tall heels/I'm looking at her like a full course meal/Chill, I got all the girls checking me/They know I'm a dog but they love my pedigree/Call me Mr. Orgasm and if you come with me I guarantee you're gonna have one/Hottest in the hood, freshest on the block/Why stop, all this Louis and Gucci that I rock/If not, I stay Polo down to the socks, ring, chain and watch worth more than Fort Knox..." ("Back To The Crib")

Santana previously vouched for Breezy when rumors which claimed Jay-Z blocked the singer's BET Awards 2009 performance landed online last June.

"i take nothin away from Jay-Z," he previously wrote on Twitter. "i dont wanna sound like a Hater but his swagger was on Zero yesterday. & i just heard thru the grape vine that Jay-Z said he would not Perform if Chris Brown was gonna perform.. SMH Sucker Move I woulda rather seen Chris Brown come out & do his tribute to [Michael Jackson]. It woulda been the 1st time he Performed since ? I know he woulda Killed it. ok Tweople. Yall do the Math. MJ just died the show as a Tribute to MJ. so not only does he say he down want chris to perform & do what would of been probably the best MJ tribute, but he coulda atleast did H-to tha IZOO cuz it has the MJ beat and Put MJ's name in it." (Juelz Santana's Twitter)

Santana made headlines earlier this summer when reports surfaced of him allegedly getting into an altercation with a female associate.

"It was no physical harm done at the end of the day," Santana explained to SOHH last month. "The story changed four times since I don't know when. One minute it was my wife, one minute it was a baby mother, next minute I did this -- today on MediaTakeOut they got something showing a picture of my baby mother and this is a girl I've never seen in my life. Then there's a picture of me and another girl and says 'This is the reason Juelz baby's mama went on him.' It just made me laugh at the end of day -- it's extremely out of proportion. I live in a complex where I get the police called on me for a lot of reasons -- there's a lot of older people with money in my complex...I did get arrested but all the other stuff in between that was like a lot of miscellaneous, fabricated, made up stories. There's no knife involved in nothing." (SOHH)

Check out Juelz Santana speaking on Chris Brown below:

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