News: Jim Jones Says Mase Wanting To Stab Fat Joe, "Just Don't Sound Right" [Video]

Tuesday, Sep 1, 2009 5:35PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Jim Jones recently shared his reaction to Tony Yayo's allegation that Mase wanted to impress 50 Cent by stabbing Fat Joe at MTV's Video Music Awards 2005 ceremony.

Jones who had a past beef as well as a working relationship with Mase questioned the validity behind the rapper wanting to get violent with Joey Crack.

"[This was] when Mase was on G-Unit," Jones asked in an interview. "Oh sh*t, he wanted to stab him? Wow, just out the blue out like that? If he would have had his knife? What knife? Let me stop, shout-outs to Betha. Sounds funny though, real entertaining. [laughs] I don't know what that is, you just caught me off guard with that crazy sh*t. Leave me out of it, Mase stabbing people? I don't know what to think about that, that's crazy. It just don't sound right -- Fat Joe is kinda big. Kinda big, I don't know if it's gonna take one stab. That's one big stab you're gonna have to take. Better do it right, I seem them boys put a couple of pounders on people, Puerto Ricans ain't playing." (Vlad TV)

Tony Yayo previously spoke on the Bad Boy protege's loyalty to 50 Cent during their war of words with Fat Joe four years ago.

"Shout-out to Mase and all that," Yayo said in an interview. "I think people get confused on like, 'Is he a gangsta or a pastor?' 'Cause I've been around Mase...We was in the car [leaving the 2005 MTV VMAs] and he was like, 'If I would have had my knife, I would have stabbed Fat Joe.' To me, he was trying to impress 50...I'm seeing this coming from a pastor, so I'm like, 'Maybe he ain't no pastor.' Mase, that's my n*gga, but he just confused me sometimes." (Vlad TV)

The Terror Squad leader recently called out 50 Cent's street credibility and questioned the rapper's silence since last year's jewelery snatching in Africa.

"I'ma show you that footage of Joe walking through the hood in Angola," Crack promised. "I can't believe that one. Man look you in your eye, yap you and walk off? That's amazing. I never seen no sh*t like that in my life...That p*ssy was shocked...It's irrelevant [if 50 got the chain back.] You get robbed in front of America? This is what I'm saying, did he get robbed in front of America? This is my sh*t, get the chain back? That's that bullsh*t, a n*gga get robbed and then you send your man 'cause he know him and get the chain back? N*gga you the illest gangsta? You the killer of all killers and n*gga robbing you on TV? He got robbed on TV. Never seen no sh*t like that in my whole life. That's incredible, Smack. Ask him about that sh*t because he's been keeping it real low though. I ain't hear from that n*gga in a minute. He ain't tryin' to argue with n*ggas, 'Yo, let's keep the fat n*gga quiet, let's keep Game quiet, let's keep everybody quiet and it'll die over.'" (SmackTube)

Joey previously proclaimed his impact on the continent of Africa and indirectly joked about Fif's robbery.

"Every week I'm in Africa," Joe said in a video. "I'ma start showing you sh*t you ain't ever seen in your life. All different parts of Africa. I done been to everywhere...Ghana, I done did Ghana. I live in Angola. So, you know, it's not dangerous like people say. I know people got robbed over there. I got footage of me in the barber shop, hanging in the hood, hanging out with everybody on the corner, having a great time. It's beautiful in Angola...So you know, King of Africa man. Stay tuned, you gonna find out a lot about Africa real soon." (World Star Hip Hop)

Jones recently deaded his rap dispute with Mase via a radio interview earlier this summer.

"What's good Beth, what's poppin'," Jones asked in a phone interview towards Mase. "How you feeling? Hey man, that's what's up, I just wanted to tell you I tip my hat to you. I apologize for everything I did when I was younger. You can get my number from [DJ] Self and sh*t like that. Pardon my French. Pardon, pardon me it's monumental that's why I'ma get off it. You already know Betha, it's nothing but love. Self's got my number, I'm jumping off the line. I'll holla, Jones." (Power 105.1)

Check out Jim Jones' interview below:

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