News: J.Cole On Drake's Rap Buzz, "His Stars Are Lined Like 50 Cent's Back In '03" [Video]

Thursday, Sep 24, 2009 10:45AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap newcomer J. Cole recently discussed fellow rookie Drake's rap buzz and said the Lil Wayne protege's emergence onto the scene could be compared to 50 Cent's in 2003.

While both emcees are featured on Jay-Z's The Blueprint 3 album, Cole explained the difference between their current hip-hop spotlight.

"It's how things happened man," Cole said. "It was his destiny, it was supposed to happen like that for him. I can't get mad at that or fans shouldn't get mad at that, this was destined for him. Like , for whatever reason it was, this was supposed to happen this way for him, everything happens for a reason... My buzz isn't that big because it's not supposed to be that big. I'm not supposed to come in the game like that, it's not my path... And if you look at his style -- it's perfect for the mainstream because it's clever enough to still be considered lyrical and the flow is smooth enough to appeal to the masses. It's the perfect style for the main stream and can still be considered hip-hop... His stars are lined like 50's stars are lined like back in '03. It's just the perfect set-up." (Los Angeles Leakers)

50 previously explained his theory about how Drake single, "Best I Ever Had" gained momentum at radio.

"I don't think you can accomplish that right now," Fif said in an interview. "Not without finance. I hear his record on the radio. He got a good buzz, I hear him. Sh*t, it wasn't possible for my music to be on the radio when I was coming. You know mine's was completely organic Like when you hear a song on the radio, it means it's being worked. Ain't nothing there 'just because.' Enough for it to be playing every hour on the hour. That song is being worked like he's on the label. I'm sure Syliva Rhone or Universal, they're spending money to get the record played so the public is feeling like it's just happening. He might not be signed yet, but they might work it to get him to sign. Is it worth signing until you develop that?" (XXLMag)

Fif also spoke on Drake's "Off That" collaboration with Jay-Z.

"[Lil Wayne] has that new kid, what's his name, Drake," Fif said in an interview. "The kid is coming up. I heard Jay-Z got him on his single. Right? That was ill, like, that was fast! For him to put him on his single, like that's ill. I don't know if he's rhyming or singing but the fact that he's on it is hot. Like that was a fast come-up. Jay won't even rap on his own artists and be in the video with 'em. Freeway, he did Freeway dirty. In the Freeway project, we were doing something together. It was all of us together, Jay had a record with Freeway and I said 'If you shoot that one, I'll shoot the one that I did with him and we'll make the video.' Now tell me that ain't the perfect scenario for Freeway." (Hot 97)

Drake's popularity was displayed this week after his So Far Gone EP landed in the Top 10.

Young Money rapper Drake also made his retail debut with So Far Gone landing at No. 6. After one week in stores, Drizzy's retail re-release has moved 73,600 units.

Check out J. Cole's interview below:

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