News: Jaz-O Questions Lil Wayne's Rap Buzz, "[Fans] Have Been Hypnotized Into Liking Him" [Audio]

Wednesday, Sep 9, 2009 6:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Jay-Z mentor Jaz-O has weighed in on Lil Wayne's current popularity and said fans have been "hypnotized" into admiring his rap skills.

Speaking via Street Disciplez Radio, Jaz also said he felt Hov has lost his mainstream appeal.

"Jay-Z fell off the cliff," Jaz-O said in an interview. "I don't know what happened to him and one thing I have to say, and what makes them wack, there's certain lines you just don't cross. These dudes got writers. Lil Wayne has a gang of writers. You can look at, like, okay, everybody likes him and I would like him too if I listened to mainstream radio all the time. I would like him too because that's all they play, but that's the core [audience]. And the people that you talk to will say 'Oh he's not wack,' they don't even recognize that they've been hypnotized into liking him because when they weren't playing him a lot and he had the same backing, the same money behind him, they weren't liking him, they were saying he was garbage and honestly, I think he put out better material when they were saying he was wack. But it was because he wasn't being played all the time." (Street Diciplez Radio)

Both Hov and Weezy became the top hip-hop tour earners this week after reports landed online showing their 2008-2009 gross revenues.

Seventy-eight Lil Wayne headlining arena and amphitheater concerts in North America from Dec. 14, 2008, through Sept. 6, 2009, grossed approximately $42 million and drew nearly 804,000 fans, according to Lil Wayne tour producer and tour business manager Shawn Gee. The second highest-grossing rap tour that Billboard has tracked was Jay-Z's 2008 jaunt with Mary J. Blige, which grossed $34.6 million and drew 310,694 concertgoers to 28 shows, according to Billboard Boxscore. Kanye West's 2008 Glow In the Dark tour comes in third, having pulled in $30.8 million from 49 concerts that attracted 507,853 fans. (Billboard)

Jaz-O previously made headlines after speaking on his aim to avoid violence despite his issues with Jay-Z as of late.

"I got a few joints here and there, taking shots at your boy, [Jay-Z]," Jaz explained in an interview. "But you know, that's hip-hop. I ain't taking it no where further than that, I ain't taking the guns out or none of that sh*t. I try to keep people from calling it a beef, it's not really a beef. I'm not really paying much attention to dude, first of all. Secondly, it's not a violent thing. So you know, I gotta make my move, I gotta extend my platform...The sh*t is kinda personal, but I keep it where it's supposed to be for the industry and the business...I'm not really hearing responses and like I said, I'm not being on the violent sh*t...I can only go in on facts, sh*t that's real. N*ggas ain't built a certain way but they make the world think that they are." (Vlad TV)

Jaz-O recently linked with The Game for a collaboration track called "Gangstas Ride" last month.

"Worldwide originator and I'm back," Jaz raps. "Motherf*cker going home to war/Not a thug but I'll put you in a rug with a couple of slugs...Friends turn enemies...Can't get rid of me/I watched the cocaine bubble up/And keep the price double up/You got a problem with a Marcy n*gga while then go knuckle up/What you know about 1976 a young n*gga getting money -- When I first did it, Twista wasn't even in the business/Knew Big when he wasn't even in the business/Put the little n*gga Jay-Z in the business...Been a match since 'Hawaiin Sophie,' don't you ice grill with the phony frills/Still, act like you know me homie...Jaz-O, stupid motherf*cker not Shawn/Never been blast on a Tupac song/The originator..." ("Gangstas Ride")

Check out Jaz-O's interview below:

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