News: Kid Cudi Projected To Sell 110-120K, Drake, Lil Boosie & Trick Daddy Will Also Chart

Wednesday, Sep 16, 2009 6:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Next week, new releases from Lil Boosie, Trick Daddy and rap newcomers Kid Cudi and Drake are scheduled to land on the top albums chart but none of them will outsell Jay-Z's The Blueprint 3.

Hov's new album is estimated to push over 200,000 copies in it's second week in stores.

Not even Kanye West can hold back Jay-Z, who will return to the top of the chart next week, with a total that should top 200k for his much-acclaimed Blueprint 3, the first release through his Roc Nation label on Atlantic Records. Kid Cudi's Man On The Moon is estimated to gather around 110-120k. Other chart newcomers include Cash Money/Universal Motown's Drake (55-60k); Asylum's Lil Boosie (45-50k) and Dunk Ryder's Trick Daddy at the 12-15K range. (Hits Daily Double)

Jay earned his 11th number one album today as The Blueprint 3 out-sold its competition.

Jay-Z has made an impressive land and Roc Nation debut as The Blueprint 3 has officially sold 476,100 copies in its first seven days on stores shelves making it the No. 1 album in the nation. Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Part 2 secured the No. 4 slot with 67,900 sold copies. (Sales Wrap)

Hov also had to struggle through an early leak of his Blueprint 3 album nearly two weeks prior to its official release.

"I may be the most bootlegged artist in history," he said in an interview after learning the news. "It's a preview. I'm excited for people to hear the album. I'm very proud of the work I've down, so enjoy it...My pager is actually ringing right now, so people are probably calling me and telling me they pretty much like it. I can tell by the way my pager rings if a song is good or not. It's really going crazy right now." (MTV)

Despite nearing his 40th birthday this December, Jay recently explained why he could not easily give up his spot atop the rap game.

"I hear it all the time -- 'Yo, he should let the young guys, the new generation of guys come in,'" Jay explained in an interview. "But you don't become the front-runner in music because someone lets you. You have to claim your shoes...If you grow up listening to hip-hop, you love hip-hop and that's the end of it. But if you're a 30 year-old rapper still trying to make music like you're 15, then you're making it narrow. At my age, I can't relate to a 15 year-old. I deal with mature and relevant topics for my age group -- it has to all be based on true emotions. The more diversity and the more mature we make hip-hop, the bigger the net you cast...Kanye is really the father to the next generation -- he's from the school of Q-Tip, and now Drake and Kid Cudi are from the school of 'Ye. And, when you look at Kanye, you have to look at Lil Wayne. I think they're like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James." (Reuters)

Check out Jay-Z & Drake's "Off That" collaboration below:

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