News: Jay-Z Throws DJ Hero Party In NYC, "Best Way To Silence All Critics, Just Keep Hitting Them W/ Sh*t Like This" [Video]

Thursday, Sep 10, 2009 11:30AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Last night (September 9), Jay-Z teamed with MySpace Music and Activision to treat fans to a New York City concert in support of his upcoming DJ Hero video game where he found himself answering back to "F*ck T-Pain" chants.

According to reports, tickets for the event were available early Wednesday morning.

Tonite, the good folks at Activision and Myspace put together a last minute Jay-Z concert to celebrate Blueprint 3 and the upcoming DJ Hero videogame. Fans lined up in front of the Blender Theater on Tuesday night and waited 'til morning to snag free passes to the intimate show… Hov brought out a full band, DJ Neil Armstrong, and his trusty hypeman Memphis Bleek to run through both new songs, like 'Run This Town,' 'Hate,' etc…and the classics, like '99 Problems,' and 'Encore,' and more.Jay performs 'Death of Autotune,' with extra emphasis on the last line, lol, and then the crowd starts chanting 'F–k T-Pain,' to which Jay replied, 'Y’all ready for that Blueprint 3? I just figure that’s the best way to silence all critics, just keep hitting [them] with sh*t like this…" (Miss Info)

T-Pain previously retracted his "F*ck Jay-Z" rant from over the weekend and said he, in fact, admired the rap mogul.

"I will say, the interview he did yesterday morning, it made me feel so much better," Pain said in an interview. "Because these are high times, I really look up to dude -- I could have been one of these stupid artists and go at him lyrically -- my dad always told me, the best way to have somebody get at you is to go talk about them with somebody else. It was really just me trying to get his attention like 'Yo, please call me because I've been trying to call you for two months now.' I just wanna know, if you doing it for publicity, fantastic, and I'll do it with you -- just like 50 and Kanye, them dudes are fans. When they wanted to put it out as beef, to make it interesting, they acted like they hated each other -- I'm definitely cool with Jay. I bugged out that day. It was people in the crowd saying 'Jay-Z destroyed you.' -- He did clear up yesterday and I feel a lot better. Neither him or I have the time to be going through this beef crap man. I'm a fan of Jay-Z and Ima always be a fan." (Power 105.1)

Both Eminem and Hov performed together last June to help promote DJ Hero.

The "Renegade" beat dropped, and as he began his verse, the room went crazy. Out sauntered Eminem to perform the song, which he produced for Jay's The Blueprint album, onstage with Jay for the first time in years. Then it was Slim Shady's turn to take over, as he rolled out his latest single, the gory "3 A.M.," which went into a trio of other new songs from his recently released #1 comeback album, Relapse: "Underground," "We Made You" and "Crack a Bottle." The set closed with Em's classic "Lose Yourself." (MTV)

A man was reportedly stabbed and rushed to a local Chicago hospital earlier this week following a Jay-Z concert.

When the concert ended a pair of girls got into an argument, said Police News Affairs Officer Gabrielle Lesniak. Then their men got involved --- one a brother, one a boyfriend. The men started shoving each other. One then pulled a knife and stabbed the other, a 20 year-old man. Jay-Z was not performing at the time. (NBC Chicago)

DJ Hero lands in stores October 2009.

Check out footage from the event below:

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