News: Jay-Z Associate Kevin Liles Leaving Warner Music Group

Thursday, Sep 3, 2009 5:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Def Jam executive and Jay-Z associate Kevin Liles has announced plans to step down from his executive Vice President position at Warner Music Group.

Reports of his exit from the company landed online Thursday (September 3).

Warner Music Group (WMG.N) on Thursday announced the resignation of executive vice president Kevin Liles, the one-time president of Def Jam Music Group known for his work with artists like Jay-Z, LL Cool J and Kanye West. (Reuters)

Despite his departure, Liles will reportedly retain a business relationship with the label.

After five years as executive VP at Warner Music Group (WMG), Kevin Liles is leaving the company. Liles will maintain in a consulting role with WMG and is exiting ?to pursue his own entrepreneurial opportunities,? according to a written statement. (Billboard)

The music executive's exit was also confirmed by Warner Music Group's Lyor Cohen.

Liles was previously named president of Def Jam Music Group in 1998; he rose swiftly through the Def Jam ranks after joining the company as an unpaid intern in 1991. Liles was brought on board at WMG by former IDJ and Def Jam topper Lyor Cohen, now WMG vice chairman and chairman/CEO of recorded music - Americas and the UK. Cohen said of his longtime associate, "Even though Kevin's chosen to pursue a new challenge, we'll continue to work together in many aspects of the entertainment industry." (Variety)

Liles is also responsible for helping Jay-Z with his upcoming 9/11 benefit concert.

"I wanna thank all the guys on the panel for being here," Hov said a the press conference. "I especially wanna thank [former Def Jam executive] Kevin Liles because an idea isn't anything without execution so he put this together -- I turned on the T.V. September 12th [2001] and I saw footage of these heroic actions, people running into buildings, saving each other and I just saw the strength of New York and it made me proud. So as I was embarking on putting out this Blueprint 3, it was only right to release it the day. This is my chance to help out so I thank all these guys up here helping me see that vision. Kevin Liles, the governor and everybody, I really appreciate this and we gonna have a great time and bring in ear plugs because it's gonna get loud." (Rap Radar)

Check out a recent Kevin Liles interview below:

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