News: Ghostface Killah Preps Road Tour, "Wizard Of Poetry" Tracklisting Unveiled

Friday, Sep 11, 2009 4:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah has announced plans to hit the road next month for a nationwide tour in support of his upcoming Wizard of Poetry album which features Lloyd, Fabolous, John Legend and more.

Ghost will be performing in a variety of cities including Portland, Oregon and Austin, Texas.

Beginning October 2 at Northern Lights in Albany, New York, Ghost will be touring throughout Philadephia (PA), Oxford (MI), Baton Rouge (LA), Ft. Lauderdale (FL), Tucson (AZ), San Diego (CA), Reno (NV), Seattle (WA), Salt Lake City (UT) and other locations before ending October 31st at Fox in Boulder, Colorado. (Press Release)

A Wizard of Poetry tracklisting has also landed online which shows Ghost linking with both singers and rappers for his final contractual Def Jam release.

1. "Not Your Average Girl" featuring Shareefa 2. "Do Over" featuring Raheem DeVaughn 3. "Baby" featuring Raheem DeVaughn 4. "Lonely" featuring Jack Knight 5. "Stapleton Sex" 6. "Stapleton Sex" 7. "Paragraphs of Love" featuring Vaughn Anthony & Estelle 8. "Guest House" featuring Fabolous & Shareefa 9. "Let's Stop Playin' Games" featuring John Legend 10. "Forever" 11. "I'll Be That" featuring Adrienne Bailon 12. "Goner" featuring Lloyd. (Hip Hop Press)

He recently discussed how his Def Jam labelmate, The-Dream, turned down a chance to appear on the new album.

"No Dream, nah, Dream fronted on me," Ghost explained in an interview. "Yeah, radio killer f*kin fronted. Yeah, it's Def Jam but you know certain n*ggas get cocky, these little n*ggas. It is what it is though. I ain't gonna complain about it but don't give me your f*ckin' number and tell me you gonna do something -- and renege on me. That's these lil' n*ggas. It's different eras. These different eras mean a lot. This is the bullsh*t era." (Radio Planet TV)

Ghost also talked with SOHH earlier this summer and said he was given the cold shoulder by other mainstream singers.

"I had the list in my head but my list ain't work," Ghost said. "These R&B cats is wild yo but some people heard my work and they just jumped on it. Like John Legend, he heard what I was doing and he just wanted to get on it. Same thing with Raheem DeVaughn. I wanted Alicia Keys, I reached out to Avant. Tamia but you know how it is with women. They just stood the kid up. They ain't get back so I had to just go with the fellas." (SOHH)

Wizard of Poetry flys onto store shelves Tuesday, September 29th via Def Jam Records.

Check out Ghostface Killah's SOHH interview below:

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