News: Floyd Mayweather Victorious, Diddy, Royce Da 5'9 & Shaquille O'Neal React

Sunday, Sep 20, 2009 12:30AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Diddy, Royce Da 5'9 and Shaquille O'Neal clocked in Saturday (September 19) night to share their Twitter reactions of Floyd Mayweather Jr. winning his 40th consecutive boxing match against Juan Manuel Marquez.

The Bad Boy Records CEO predicted the fight would be over after eight rounds.

"If your in vegas you better head down to wet republic at the mgm grand," Puff wrote. "For the craziest pre fight pool PARTY in HISTORY!!! Let's go! Rt pls About to walk into my pool party at wet republic!!! Art the mgm grand!!!! In vegas!! If you not there yet meet me now!!! Everyone is invited Pool party was crazy!!!! Thank you to all who came out!!! Thank you! I'm at the fight now. Fromt row! Its like being in the ring! Let's go! Its that dirty money!!! Let's get ready to rumble!!!! Floyd in 8!!!" (Diddy's Twitter)

Slaughterhouse's Royce Da 5'9 also supported Mayweather and spoke on the event's celebrities.

"Floyd should come out to Slaughterhouse bcuz that's exactly what this sh*t finna be lol," he wrote. "@RapperBigPooh Floyd ma n*gga...all day...How much yall wanna bet Floyd gone come out with the Sumbrero lol...No turning back now baby..That n*gga Triple H got on a glittery shirt with Floyd on it lol...He already broke him down..stick a fork in em he threw Told yall he was punish this dude lol He did that What was that!!! Lol" (Royce Da 5'9's Twitter)

NBA champion Shaquille O'Neal vouched his loyalty towards Mayweather throughout the fight.

"Money mayweather is the greatest boxer ever, daaaaaaam," he typed. "Its over in round three...I said after the 3rd round its over...Ok round 9 10 11 or 12, I am kazaam...Talk to em floyd, dat dnt hurt." (Shaquille O'Neal's Twitter)

Floyd maintained his undefeated streak by winning match-up No. 40.

In his first fight back from retirement and a 21-month absence, Mayweather knocked down the undersized Marquez in the second round and then peppered him with countless damaging shots to remain unbeaten in 40 pro fights. Marquez was a 130-pounder just 18 months ago, but the Mexican champion moved up two weight classes to be Mayweather's hand-picked comeback opponent. At Friday's weigh-in, he was four pounds lighter than Mayweather, who paid a hefty six-figure penalty for missing the bout weight. The size disparity was painfully obvious from the opening bell, but Marquez stayed on his feet for 12 one-sided rounds. (Yahoo News)

Prior to the fight, Rick Ross and Fabolous associate Freck Billionaire released their "Go (War Remix)" diss record and music video going at Mayweather.

"F*ck Floyd Mayweather n*gga," Ross says on the song's intro. "You spoke my name, huh? Yeah. I been handling business the last few weeks p*ssy, but now it's time to feast. Boss. I'm d*cking on a p*ssy/Banking on a mob/You know the rules in Vegas, n*gga, now you owe the mob/Forever getting robbed, Bloods took your jewels/Can't beat the IRS baby boy, just pay your dues/Still making my moves, gotta Saran Wrap it/Pick up all them n*ggas you left at Grand Rapids/Undercover f*ggots, it's Pretty Boy leaning/I got 20 grand --bow down like you should before your a** bow down for good/Can't run forever, Haitians will come and cut off your foot/It's dirty down South, we riding by your mama house..." ("Go (War Remix)")

Check out a preview of the fight below:

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