News: Fabolous, Ryan Leslie & Ne-Yo To Form Super Group, "We're Talking About A Triple-Team Collaboration"

Friday, Sep 18, 2009 4:25PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Fabolous, Ryan Leslie and Ne-Yo are reportedly in talks to form a super group to record and release a full-length album.

While details are still sketchy, Leslie broke the news in a recent interview and said the threesome is willing to collaborate with other artists.

"We're talking about a triple-team collaboration that's really gonna hurt the game," he revealed. "Your boy Fab, the boy Ne-Yo and yours truly on the board. It's really gonna put a hurting on everybody...The table is open -- if you're bringing something to the table, you can break bread. It's about conceptualizing. It's not gonna be a project that's thrown together. It's gonna be a real roundtable, and we're gonna talk about really putting something in the atmosphere that contributes something that's never been done before." (MTV)

Fab recently spoke on the status of his joint collaboration album alongside Ne-Yo.

"I love making albums," F-a-b-o said in an interview earlier this summer. "My last project came out two years ago, so I kinda want to return to making more music rather than [waiting]...I'm looking to do a project later in the year with Ne-Yo which would be kinda like a Best of Both Worlds project that we've been talking about putting together. Musically, I just want to grow in that way, and of course introduce some new talented guys that I've been working with." (The Boom Box)

He made headlines earlier this month after dissing R&B singer T-Pain on Twitter for allegedly taunting him.

Jus heard Tpain says F*ck JayZ & F*ck Fabolous too over Twitter... Ok, now me & my twiggas/Street Twitter Ditta Dam must go in on him! After D.O.A., #tpainbetter not be mad, UPS is hiring!! #tpainbetter not meet me in Brooklyn. #tpainbetter give Mr. Monopoly back his top hats!! #tpainbetter stay his a** outta the sun for the rest of his life!! #tpainbetter stop playin for JayZ buys every autotune machine in the world & end his career...#uknowhowiknowuregay cuz u do a song wit Lil Wayne & change ur name to T-Wayne...eeeel #tpainbetter audition to be a California Raisin.. He's done! #tpainbetter stop singin in the fan... that aint talent we can all do that..#tpainbetter apologize & blame it on the al-a-a-al-a-al-cohol #tpainbetter thank me.. he's #1 TT.. the only place his name gonna b #1 for a lonnnggggggg time!#tpainbetter chill cuz i will air this n*gga via twitter...F.Y.I. This is not a beef.. jus Twitter fun. someone retweeted that Tpain said F*ck Me on twitter & truthfully i dont know if he said or not...Ok so i jus got word that it wasnt Tpain's twitter page who said F*ck Fabolous..a fake page, w/ 900 followers.. oooops, d*mn i went in LOL But thats jus a taste of what u'll get if u f*ck wit me via twitter, Back to my Twitter chillin..." (Fabolous' Twitter)

He later apologized and provided the details of his post-Twitter conversation with Pain.

"He called me, he hit me, he texted me and said to call him," Fab revealed in an interview. "At first, I just apologized really because I kinda jumped out the window a little bit and didn't even check in to it before I knew what I was doing. I apologized for that. Then he was just explaining the whole thing with Jay, how he felt Jay was coming at him a little bit and I told him 'I just heard an interview this morning with Jay -- on a morning show doing an interview -- saying you were one of the guys who brought it back to music and he respected you for doing it plus a few other people but he didn't like the whole genre of music jumping on auto-tune....' I had to backdown because I really provoked it, but still, I got some false information...This is how stuff starts in the industry." (Hot 97)

Check out Fabolous' recent SOHH interview below:

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