News: Former Drug Dealer Confirms Alfamega "Snitch" Claims, "He Got On The Stand & Literally Just Lied" [Video]

Thursday, Sep 10, 2009 9:05AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former drug dealer Ali Baaqar has come forward to confirm recent claims of Cedric "Alfamega" Zellars working with the government and making the false accusations that led to his imprisonment.

According to Ali, he had never met Alfamega despite the rapper's claims of being sold drugs by him.

"I got in trouble, the Feds had a little conspiracy going on -- I was in a big conspiracy case with the Nicky Club Gentleman's Club around '96, '95," Ali explained in an interview. "I had one trial, got acquitted on the first trial. Then the Feds tried me again on the same charge...I go back to court and this guy named, I don't even know his name, I know him by Cedric Zellars. During the trial, he comes up and says I sold dope to him during '95, never seen the guy before -- I feel everybody should know who's a snitch and who's not a snitch. When you walk around Atlanta with your chest poked out, I think you need to think twice of who you walking with, who you may be walking with may be the Feds...He got on the stand and literally just lied and said he bought dope from me. I don't know him -- they really wanted me to tell on somebody else, but I don't play that game. So that's how I got in the situation..." (Hood Affairs On Demand)

Alfa previousy said the DEA paperwork was fabricated and painted him as a "snitch."

"I ain't never snitched on nobody," Alfa promised in a self-made video recording. "A lot of people read, but they don't understand. They hear but they don't listen...Dude never had a heroin case, he had a cocaine case. So I know whoever sent that document out, somebody typed it up from something and put something together but I'm gonna give y'all the real deal of how it was. I didn't know Ali, don't know Ali to this day...Somebody put the pressure on me and it wasn't the government or nobody like that. They wanted me to basically lie on this dude, it was up to me to either play the hand I was dealt or fold. If I play the hand I was dealt, I'm looking at 30 to 40 [years in prison]. If I fold, that means I'm still in the game. So I went ahead and folded. From the time I did it, I was remorseful about it. It hurt me because I ain't snitched on dude, I lied on this dude....I was loyal to somebody that made me lie on somebody." (YouTube)

Responding to the rapper's accusations of the original documents being fake, The Smoking Gun later released further details which suggested Alfa worked with the government.

On the following pages you'll find excerpts from Zellars's October 1996 testimony against Baaqar in U.S. District Court in Atlanta (the official transcript was retrieved from court archives). During questioning by prosecutor Janis Gordon, Zellars acknowledged that he had agreed to "cooperate with the government," identified the "big drug dealer" for whom he once worked, and testified about four separate occasions he purchased large quantities of cocaine from Baaqar (who would later be convicted of drug trafficking). During cross-examination, Zellars testified that he had fathered 13 children with 13 separate women, and detailed his contacts--which he initiated--with DEA and FBI agents. During one meeting with DEA Agent Lori Schlag, Zellars identified criminal associates when shown photos by the federal investigator. At another point during his testimony, Zellars referred to "several other guys I have gave information about." The transcript also shows that Zellars's testimony was briefly halted when he was stricken with a stomach ache. When his cross-examination resumed, the convicted drug and weapons dealer spoke about his efforts to contact the FBI. "I had people calling, and I was writing," testified Zellars, who was then serving a nine-year prison sentence. When a defense lawyer asked him about providing information to the government, Zellars noted, "I been asked for information. They picked some of the guys up, but it didn't do nothing to help me. I just gave it." Asked why he cooperated, Zellars answered, "Because they asked me." In return for his snitching, Zellars had 18 months shaved off his prison term. (The Smoking Gun)

Ja Rule, who has relationships with both artists and has called 50 Cent a "snitch," recently spoke with SOHH about his stance on speaking to law enforcement.

"It's funny because I know Alfamega too," he explained. "I don't know his whole situation but I don't condone that sh*t. I don't condone snitching at all...Of course I'm gonna have a talk with Alfamega and be like, 'What's up with that, what's happening?' I'm a street n*gga, I don't condone that. My man is doing motherf*cking life because of snitching...When people get in tempted situations and they back is against the wall, people do different things...From where I'm from, I don't condone any form of telling. I know cases where guys have got locked up and told on they enemies, now maybe lying and making up a whole story where nothing has to do with nothing, I don't know. That's a grey area. I don't know whether I consider that snitching, telling the cops a lie that has nothing to do with nothing if you're just making up a story...If you not from the crime world and you tell the police something, then that's what I expected you to do because you don't come from this...Snitching is for n*ggas that live by the code...gets caught and then tells on the next n*gga." (SOHH)

Check out a portion of Ali's interview below:

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