News: Eve Reportedly Dropped From Geffen Records, "Fetish" Clothing Shut Down

Sunday, Sep 27, 2009 7:30AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The First Lady of Ruff Ryders Eve has reportedly been dropped from her recording contract with Geffen Records and has shut down the operations behind her Fetish clothing line.

While details are still sketchy, she reportedly no longer has business ties to Geffen.

There are reports that Eve has completely lost line, Fetish, and she has been dropped from her label. The label news comes at a good time for Eve, being that the new Ruff Ryders video dropped last week and the anticipated success of their collective album looks to be in the future for the Pit Bull in a skirt. (Bossip)

The rapper previously tried re-launching the company multiple times.

Eve has just shut down her clothing line, again. This time, Eve said it's for good. A couple of years back, Eve put the line on hiatus when she had conflicts with the apparel licensee Inovo Group. Not long after, she partnered with another manufacturer and distributor based in New York, Signature Apparel, and both parties relaunched Fetish last year with a more upscale collection. (SoJones)

She also spoke on her anticipation of having the third re-launch being successful in an interview last year.

"You know what they say, third time's the charm. And I believe it -- it's my favorite number." The re-launch was in light of her full endorsement of the line, where as before she was merely just the face behind the ads. "I would actually wear the new Fetish collection. I actually have this in my closet," she said of the new and improved line. (The Boom Box)

Aside from music and clothing, Eve has also tried her hand in the television and film industry.

Now in light of her now defunct clothing line Eve has had to be resourceful. She still has acting to fall back on even though her TV show was canceled in 2006. Even so she will make an appearance in the Drew Barrymore directed film Whip It and a cameo on the Fox sitcom "Glee." (Hip Hop Wired)

Check out Eve's "Me N My" below:

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