News: Eminem's Publisher Suing Aftermath & Apple Over "Lose Yourself" & Other Licensed Music

Tuesday, Sep 22, 2009 5:30PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Eminem music publisher Eight Mile Style LLC is suing Aftermath Records and Apple for the unauthorized sale of nearly 100 Slim Shady records via iTunes.

A court hearing will reportedly take place later this week after the publisher claimed Apple has earned more than $2.5 million from selling the downloads.

Eight Mile Style LLC and a co-plaintiff is suing Apple Inc., claiming it never authorized the use of 93 songs in a downloadable format on Apple's popular iTunes service. They are also suing Aftermath Records, which controls the recordings in question, saying it didn't have the right to make deals on digital downloads. It's unclear from court documents just how much money is at stake, but the plaintiffs claim Apple wrongfully gained $2.5 million through iTunes downloads, including $466,915 from "Lose Yourself," Eminem's biggest hit from the hip-hop film "8 Mile." The publisher also believes it should get a share of Apple's profit from the sale of iPods. Eight Mile also claims Aftermath wrongfully collected $4 million off Eminem's songs on iTunes. (Associated Press)

Former Eminem publishing company F.B.T. Productions was scheduled to appear in court last February to address a lawsuit against Universal Music Group over digital royalty payments.

"The claims made by F.B.T Productions are completely baseless as a matter of fact and meritless as a matter of law, and we look forward to presenting our side in court," a Universal rep previously wrote to SOHH. (Statement)

Former Eminem collaborators, Mark and Jeff Bass of F.B.T. Productions, were suing the Grammy-winning rapper's record company.

"Eminem is not a party to this lawsuit," [said a rep for Slim Shady]. The real plaintiff is F.B.T. Productions, a music publishing company affiliated with the rapper early in his career, which is taking Universal to court today in a bid to score millions in profits from digital download revenues, including iTunes and ring tones. (Entertainment Weekly)

Though Eminem was not slated to appear in court, witnesses in the case included various high-profile people.

A jury was seated Friday, with a star-studded witness list, starting with Jimmy Iovine, a founder of UMG. Steve Jobs, chief executive of Apple Computers, Inc., is scheduled to testify, by video. "This is very significant case," said Jay Cooper, an entertainment lawyer with vast experience in the music industry. "A lot of people are going to be watching very closely because there's a lot of money involved." (The Wrap)

No further information has been provided as of now.

Check out Eminem's throwback record, "Poo Butt" below:

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