News: Drake's "Thank Me Later" Debut Single Announced, Hype Williams Music Video On Deck

Saturday, Sep 26, 2009 10:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Drake's highly-anticipated Thank Me Later debut has begun to take form with the announcement of his first official single and Hype Williams-directed music video alongside The-Dream called "Shut It Down."

According to producer Omen, the song will first be accompanied by a visual video.

"We're filming a video for it soon helmed by Hype Williams. The track will be serviced just a few weeks after," Omen revealed. The song came about when Omen teamed up with Drake's longtime musical collaborator, 40, and together they came up with the production. "I was working on some drum patterns and 40 had the melody going. 40 is very skilled and has a crazy ear for obscure sounds and chords," says Omen. "It took us the whole night to come up with the track, but we finished it and played it for Drake the next day, who already had the song's concept." The idea for the track, which Omen describes as a "Prince-like, powerful song," is about "empowering females. Drake said he had a song idea called 'Shut It Down' aimed at club-going females. When they go out and they get dressed up and put their makeup on and get their hair done, they have the capacity to shut the club down," Omen recalls. (Billboard)

Drake previously hit up Twitter to call his album-making process "magic."

"In the studio...," he wrote Monday (August 17) morning. "working on Thank Me September 8th! Then we're back in business" (Drake's Twitter)

He recently had to defend his pen game after producer Kia Shine claimed a portion of writing and publishing rights off Drizzy's "Best I Ever Had" hit.

"There have been questions posed to me the last few days about the writing of 'Best I Ever Had' and I figured I'd take the time to clear the air directly," he wrote Thursday (September 17) night. "I have never met Kia Shine or worked with him. I wrote the entire composition in Toronto and I borrowed one line from a Lil Wayne song that he produced the BEAT for. The claims of 25% ownership are false and for a artist to brag about splits on a song is distasteful to begin with." (October's Very Own)

His So Far Gone retail re-release landed in the Top 10 list last week.

Young Money rapper Drake also made his retail debut with So Far Gone landing at No. 6. After one week in stores, Drizzy's retail re-release has moved 73,600 units. (Sales Wrap)

Drake's Thank Me Later album is slated to hit shelves February 2010 via Young Money/Universal Motown.

Check out Drake's recent feature in Baby and Lil Wayne's "Money To Blow" music video below:

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