News: Drake Says Surgery Was "Successful," Speaks On Upcoming "Thank Me Later" LP [Audio]

Thursday, Sep 17, 2009 10:10AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Drake has updated fans on his recovery from last week's knee surgery and hinted at what his debut album Thank Me Later will bring to the table upon its release next year.

Drizzy said he's spending time recovering and crafting his "dark and sexy" debut album.

"It was a very, very successful surgery," Drake revealed in an interview with radio personality Big Tigger. "That's something that I'm thankful for. I can't do much, I literally just lay in the bed all day but that's sort of a blessing to me at the same time. We just built the dummy studio in the back room...The storm is brewing. [laughs] The ominous clouds are starting to form. It's about to be a problem. I don't know [an exact release date], I'm hoping February. That'll be a nice release date, release month. It's gonna follow the same formula as the mixtape. It's gonna be a step up. That's my goal. It's gonna be very dark and sexy and all the things I like to embody in my music. You're gonna hear me rapping about my life." (WPGC 95.5)

After re-injuring his ACL earlier this summer, Drake told fans via Twitter about going into surgery last week.

"Me and @drakesknee are headed to the surgery room...," he wrote Tuesday (September 8) morning. "I love you all...b*tch I'm goin innnnnnnnnnnnnnnn...Alive, Well, and enjoying the Perks...pun intended...Nurse...Bring me my pills and some of that goody, some ginger ale with ice, and dim the lights...HOV is live at the Garden!" He previously wrote "In the studio...working on Thank Me September 8th! Then we're back in business," last month. (Drake's Twitter)

He previously spoke about his on-stage fall and how the incident could have been avoided.

"What the footage doesn't show is that I actually came out of the sky that night," he revealed in an interview. "I was 20 feet in the air on a little platform. Philadelphia was the only sold-out show on the tour -- 25,000 people. And before they see me, I see them for about five seconds. I was staring out into the crowd and I literally -- when I landed on that platform, I blacked out and really forgot I was injured. I was just so full of adrenaline, so happy to be there, it kind of set in for me. I remember on the I Am Music tour, the reaction was great. But these were my songs. These are songs people know and love and we really made this happen in a short time. I was just enjoying myself. I had the mic and I was really going. And when 'Best I Ever Had' came on, I felt like dancing. It was a great moment. I wanted to run across stage, I wanted to jump into the crowd." (MTV)

Drake's new So Far Gone mixtape re-release will reportedly land on the charts next week.

Not even Kanye West can hold back Jay-Z, who will return to the top of the chart next week, with a total that should top 200k for his much-acclaimed Blueprint 3, the first release through his Roc Nation label on Atlantic Records. Kid Cudi's Man On The Moon is estimated to gather around 110-120k. Other chart newcomers include Cash Money/Universal Motown's Drake (55-60k); Asylum's Lil Boosie (45-50k) and Dunk Ryder's Trick Daddy at the 12-15K range. (Hits Daily Double)

Check out Drake's interview below:

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