News: Drake Explains "Successful" Music Vid, "It's One Of Those Motivational Videos" [Video]

Wednesday, Sep 2, 2009 1:05PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Drake explained the concept behind his Trey Songz-assisted "Successful" music video yesterday (September 1) and said the "Best I Ever Had" follow-up had a universal message to all viewers.

Speaking on an episode of "106 & Park," Drizzy broke down the meaning of his "Successful" visual.

"This video again was shot in Toronto," Drake explained on in a "106 & Park" interview. "It's directed by Jake White who is like a new kid, he's fresh and fresh talent, which is great for us. And the concept of the video is the fact that 'successful,' it applies to so many people that me and Trey just want to get the point across that we see ourselves and we see success in other individuals so really, it's a video about potential. It's a video about understanding that no matter what you do, there's a way to be successful doing it. It's one of those motivational videos. It actually ends with a quote from Barack Obama which is one of my favorite quotes I've ever read, so we decided to put it in the video. It's vivid." ("106 & Park")

The video landed online early Monday (August 31) morning after weeks of speculation and previews.

The long-awaited debut of Drake and Trey Songz's "Successful" music video finally landed online Monday becoming one of Drizzy's latest small screen features to date. While displaying a similarity to "Best I Ever" due to the darkness, the video offered fans a a more serious look not only filming the video at night but offering serious lyrical content and comparisons as both artists see alternative paths they could have taken. The setting shows Songz singing in an isolated room as Drake appears to be on a balcony spilling his thoughts of becoming, as the song suggests, "successful" through the ups and downs. Towards the middle of the video, both artists link up exiting a hotel lobby while Drake takes a quick glance at a doorman who, briefly, becomes him, suggesting a lower position in which he could have become. They both take off in a vehicle driving through empty streets as Drake takes the passenger seat and appears to reflect on his life. Songz also looks outside of the driver's side noticing men bouncing a basketball and sees it could be him. ("Successful")

Previews of the music video appeared online throughout August with commentary from both Drizzy and Trey.

A short clip from Drake's music video for his single "Successful" has been put out in a bid to provide fans with a sneak peek. The snippet sees Drake and his collaborator Trey Songz performing the song in a balcony with city view at night being featured on the background. The video was shot in Toronto, Canada earlier this month. "Successful" actually has Lil Wayne's vocal on the hook in addition to Trey Songz's. But, its music video has been filmed without Weezy's verses. There is no word on when the video will come out. (Ace Showbiz)

Aside from his on-screen presence, Drizzy recently reacted to his mega collaboration "Forever" which features Eminem, Kanye West and Lil Wayne.

"Everybody does their thing on that song," Drake told DJ Drama over the Hot 107.9 airwaves in Atlanta. "My favorite line on the song, though, is when Wayne says, 'Life is such a roller coaster and then it drops/ but what should I scream for, this is my theme park.' That right there, word-play-wise, that's my favorite. But everybody does their thing. Kanye does Kanye. Eminem raps in a way where nobody might have heard him rap in a long time and says some things that are great for his fans to hear. I'm just proud to even be on the record. People are telling me they like my verse. I'm just happy I held my own." (MTV)

Check out Drake's "106 & Park" interview below:

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