News: DJ AM's Cause Of Death Revealed, Suicide Ruled Out

Tuesday, Sep 29, 2009 12:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Today (September 29) late deejay Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein's cause of death for has been ruled an accidental result of "acute intoxication" from various drugs.

According to a release from the New York City Medical Examiner, AM did not commit suicide as early reports predicted.

The M.E. says the cause of death is "acute intoxication" due to the combined effects of cocaine, oxycodone, hydrocodone (Vicodin), Ativan, Klonopin, Xanax, Benadryl and Levamisole (a drug used to cut cocaine with). The manner of death is listed as "accident (substance abuse)." (TMZ)

Initial reports stated the deejay passed away from a drug overdose.

"He wanted to die," says a police source, who says the suicide theory is supported by the pills and other evidence. "He was going unconscious when he took the last one. He didn't even swallow it. Also, a mirror was propped inside the door to the apartment and another inside the door of the bedroom, where Goldstein's body was located in the bed, the source says. When the police, Goldstein's manager and paramedics entered together, they pushed the first mirror to the side. When they entered the bedroom, the mirror propped against the door shattered. "They pushed it open and it broke," the source says. (People Magazine)

Jay-Z recently reflected on the memory of DJ AM and said he crossed paths with the deejay a day prior to his near-fatal plane crash last year.

"I met him the day before the plane crash," Hov said in an interview. "We were doing the [Hollywood Palladium] concert, and he told me that he had to go down to South Carolina to do a show with Travis [Barker], and then we'd go and do our show...The plane crash happened, and I'm thinking, 'Let him recover. We'll talk about that some other time,' He called, like, 'Nah, man, I'm still ready to go.' I was shocked by that at first. He came, he had a bandage on his head, and he was ready to go. He was someone that really loved what he did. That's passion: to love what you do and still go forward." (MTV)

The late deejay's memory will reportedly live on as MTV has decided to keep the late deejay's "Gone Too Far" drug intervention reality series on schedule to premiere next month.

MTV intends to air DJ AM's drug-intervention reality series that was shot just before he died. The status of "Gone Too Far" has been in question since DJ AM was found dead last month in his New York apartment. Although a toxicology report has not been released, preliminary findings suggest he died from a drug overdose. MTV, which declined to comment, has not made a final decision on whether to air the series, but sources say the network expects to air the program and has been in talks with Goldstein's family about the timing. (The Hollywood Reporter)

Check out Slaughterhouse's moment of silence for DJ AM below:

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