News: Daz Dillinger Skips Record Label W/ New CD, "I'm Going Hard W/ These In The Streets" [Video]

Monday, Sep 21, 2009 10:10AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Former Death Row Records rapper Daz Dillinger has announced plans to bypass major label distribution for a limited edition release of his new album, Public Enemiez.

Speaking via a self-made video, Daz revealed his personal e-mail and told fans his latest music business move was for the "streets."

"Yeah, what's up y'all, it's D-a-to the z," Daz said in the video. "And look at what I got in my hand, yeah, you already know. It's independent, pressed up man, I'm going hard with these in the streets for my real fans, you know what I'm saying? Public Enemiez CD. Ain't got no label on the back so I'm doing this for my real fans who know, whoever get these CDs, these 1,000, is a real motherf*cking fan if you got it straight from the heart of the motherf*cking street. The ones I got in the store coming got the label and all that other good sh*t on the back. So it's your boy D-a-to the z, holla at me. [email protected] You wanna get 'em, holla at your boy. Boxes of 'em, b*tch. And you know, that goes with the territory, b*tch." (Daz Dilly TV)

Prior to signing with Lil Wayne's Young Money, rap newcomer Drake stressed the advantages of releasing his music independently.

"I think if I did put out an album with no label, I think I could really prove a point which is the changing of a generation," Drizzy said in an interview over the summer. "I feel like if I sign to a label and go platinum the first week, they'll be like 'Oh, it was the label push,' but if I did it without, people might say this is really changing, the Internet is a powerful tool. And when you use it the right way, you can make magic happen. I really think it would be legendary, I don't know how possible it is, because there's different things you have to consider like distribution, marketing budget and what not. But we have a pretty strong team so I'ma see if we can make it happen." (Semtex TV)

Crooked I, who once signed to Death Row, previously hit up SOHH and touched on what Drake's independent move would have meant.

"What's going to be the form of distribution?," Crooked questioned. "If you doing it totally independent that means no company. Are you going to get an aggregator for each [distribution channel like] iTunes [and] Amazon? You're going to be the person that deals with? You're going to have a staff dealing with? How independent are we talking? There's a point where independent still becomes company behind you. I definitely wish him the best but its an interesting conversation." (SOHH)

Dillinger recently addressed his issues with the newly acquired Death Row Records offering a low supply of Snoop Dogg albums for fans and said Dr. Dre was not supporting their movement.

"You can't re-brand us, we gonna be re-branding you," Daz explained in a video. "But how you gonna put a Snoop Doggy Dogg album out and press up 35,000 units? You diluting your d*mn self. You know Snoop gonna sell two, three million. And Dr. Dre ain't backing none of that sh*t all you said on the Internet -- Dr. Dre ain't doing none of that sh*t with y'all. You motherf*ckers are all by yourself. That f*ggot [Death Row Records executive,] John Payne, he wasn't even a part of Death Row. Why you think he wasn't there through all them years, nobody knows John Payne -- you guys don't own the publishing, you geek. Keep promoting us, suckers." (YouTube)

Check out Daz Dillinger's video below:

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