News: Damon Dash Emerges W/ Radio Station Venture, "It's Not About Getting Money Or All The Ads"

Friday, Sep 18, 2009 6:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Damon "Dame" Dash has announced plans to launch a new radio station venture called Magnet Radio which, he claims, will place the emphasis on music over financial gain.

Dame said the Internet radio station would cater to global music heads' needs.

"I think it's gonna launch in a couple weeks and it's just really for good music," he revealed in an interview. "It's not about getting money or all the ads, or things like that, it's really about giving people a platform to hear good music...I think the whole world is getting ready to turn for that. It feels like good music is gonna take the forefront and people with a good show. I think that's the good business model." (XXLMag)

Dash previously unveiled a new vehicle design for a line of expensive trucks with a variety of luxury features last spring.

Tiret New York, the luxury timepiece and jewelry brand established in 2004 by accomplished designer Daniel Lazar and entertainment entrepreneur Damon Dash, has moved into a new realm with its latest creation: the Tiret Sport Coupe. Based on the Range Rover Sport, the luxe 2-door sport utility was just unveiled at Swiss watchmakers expo Baselworld alongside Tirets opulent bejeweled timepieces. (Just Luxe)

Aside from vehicles, Dash is currently working alongside rapper Jim Jones on a number of music-related projects.

This week saw the arrival of Jim Jones' "Hip-Hop Monolgues" at 37 Arts. In an MTV interview, Jones and Damon Dash express their desire to take the show to Broadway. Jones and Dash have a packed schedule in the coming months. They're currently deciding the proper venue to release the documentary "This Is Jim Jones" and then there's a movie based on Byrd Gang, but Dash says their aspiration is to eventually get "Hip-Hop Monologues" on Broadway. (MTV)

Dash recently talked about his legal issues and admiration for Jones in an interview last spring.

"My mistake was watching everyone else's careers and not watching mine," Dame explained. "After being able to settle my wife's company, I was able to start doing other things. My first approach was the music business and getting with Jim Jones. At first I wanted to help him because I've known him since he was young and me listening to the album and thinking it was really good. I thought it deserved to be heard outside of the urban market. So I spent the last six months doing research, trying to figure out how to use all my resources to blow this out...I'm not in the community like I used to be. I just know that good records sell. But I also know I don't depend so much on record sales; I depend on the brand." (Billboard)

No further information on Dash's radio station has been provided as of now.

Check out a recent interview with Dame Dash's brother speaking on Roc-A-Fella Records' break-up.

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