News: Busta Rhymes Reflects On "B.O.M.B." Reception, "Greatness Is Defined In Unlimited Measures" [Video]

Wednesday, Sep 9, 2009 10:45AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Busta Rhymes recently reflected on the success of his latest album Back On My Bullsh*t and explained why despite debuting under 100,000 in its first week, he felt the project was well-received by fans.

Busta also explained why he is never fully satisfied with the release of each project.

"Reception for every one of my albums could always be greater than it has been," Busta explained in an interview. "I always wanna be able to have one of those Michael Jackson successes on every project because we make the music for the people. The people ain't just a certain amount of people, the people is every people so if I was to sell ten million albums, I would have hoped that I could have sold a hundred million albums because I want every single person in the planet to receive my joint the way that I want them to receive it -- So I never really feel any way about it when it's not received in the way I want it to, I just look at it as 'Okay.' Greatness is defined in unlimited measures. Sometimes, the measurement can't even be measured because it supercedes the level of expectation that you even have to possibly measure the way you can have your greatness received -- We're living in times where the people have to receive it in ways more than the protocol's way. The protocol's way is going into the stores and buying it. If people can't afford to buy it, that ain't gonna stop them from receiving it." (Real Talk NY)

Busta's latest effort debuted in the Top 10 last May.

Flipmode leader Busta Rhymes' Back on my Bullsh*t just missed the Top 5 landing at No. 6 on the charts. His eighth solo project debuted with 59,300 copies after seven days on stores shelves. (Sales Wrap)

He previously said Back On My Bullsh*t would be a return to "substantial" hip-hop.

"I'm happy, real happy, about a lot of things," Busta said in an interview earlier this year. "I'm in a great situation. New label, new money, new excitement, new sound, new album, just new everything. I just feel like I'm being born again or something...The album sounds like the substantial hip-hop that has been missing from the game for a long time...That traditional boom bap - hard kicks, hard snares, solid bass lines, records that sound real melodic because they're very incredibly structured songs, very lyrical records. It's the well-rounded balance of what a real hip-hop album is supposed to feel like." (Boston Herald)

Rhymes recently announced plans to drop another album called The Chemo and claimed the new project is already "80 percent finished.

"The new album is 80 percent finished, and it's called The Chemo," he revealed in an interview. "It's the first time I'm announcing the name of the album. It's self-explanatory. We're coming to kill the cancer in music. I ain't trying to offend anybody. I think it's real important that we keep -- We gotta re-establish the understanding that the perspective of hip-hop is to make music that always felt undeniable and unprecedented and we set a standard. And we always made sure we supplied the demand of being the ultimate cutting-edge form of entertainment that we always have and will always be. We always did a good job at doing that. The Chemo album is one of them albums that feels like what hip-hop is supposed to feel like, not what it's made out to be by the people in these positions at the executive level." (MTV)

Check out Busta Rhymes' interview below:

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