News: SOHH EXCLUSIVE: Big Pun "The Legacy" Producer On Fat Joe's Involvement, "Liza Rios Suggested We Reach Out"

Saturday, Sep 5, 2009 9:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Big Pun: The Legacy producer Edwin Mejia and director Vlad Yudin recently spoke with SOHH about Fat Joe's involvement in the upcoming documentary and why the late rapper's wife suggested having the Terror Squad leader participate.

According to Mejia, scheduling complications forced the producer to resort to pre-recorded footage of Pun's associate rather than an in-person interview.

"Well Fat Joe, obviously, we have him in the film," he explained. "We do actually have a lot of stock footage on Fat Joe. Fat Joe, at the time, was unavailable, we were working with Liza Rios who suggested that we try to reach out to Fat Joe but at the time obviously I don't think his schedule permitted him to be on the film from what we consumed and got from Liza and the information we received from his camp." (SOHH)

Yudin added that the film was originally supposed to feature a cameo from Pun's protege, Remy Ma.

"The film covers the whole Terror Squad story in all of its forms," he added. "We're not gonna question not covering a certain segment of the story, everything is pretty much covered in the film -- as far as the story related to Big Pun. Remy Ma was supposed to be in the film. It was a situation where we had a few opportunities to film her but unfortunately something happened where basically the schedules got twisted around. It was the same case with a few other artists who were supposed to be in the film and their schedules got mixed up." (SOHH)

Fat Joe recently accused Liza of continuously asking him for money upon the late rapper's death.

"After Pun passed, we put together an album," Joe explained in an interview last month. "She told me that she was broke. Now mind you, Big Pun made millions and millions of dollars when he was alive. He spent a lot of money...I had no clue that he was broke. She steps to me and says 'Joe, I'm broke, we got no money.' I say, 'well listen, people not gonna feel sorry for you because you're Big Pun's wife forever. I'm gonna get you some money, now what do you do?' So she tells me, 'Uhm, well I like to do hair,' [and I say] 'Why don't you go to school to do hair and maybe you can open up two, three beauty salons and continue to support your family because no one is gonna continue to pay your bills because you're Big Pun's wife.' The point is if I die, I don't expect no one to give my wife five dollars." (Hot 97)

Rios made headlines earlier this summer after explaining how she has struggled since Pun's passing.

"The house I was paying mortgage for was my husband's, wasn't paid out, the five years I was living there before I sold it, I spent over $120,000 just on mortgage," Rios said in an interview. "Then you got the kids, the food, the clothes, legal fees and when there's no money coming in, it's just money coming out." (Ms Drama TV)

Big Pun: The Legacy lands in stores Tuesday, September 15th.

Check out a trailer from Big Pun: The Legacy below:

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