News: Benzino Bashes Slaughterhouse, "I Think Them N*ggas Is Mad Overrated" [Video]

Thursday, Sep 3, 2009 8:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rap veteran Benzino lashed out at Slaughterhouse, labeling them "overrated" and saying he believed his own group, Made Men, could out-rap the multi-region hip-hop crew.

Aside from explaining his issues with Royce Da 5'9 and Joe Budden, the former Source co-owner said he had no direct issues with Joell Ortiz or Crooked I.

"I think them n*ggas is mad overrated, real talk," Zino said in an interview. "Yeah, them n*ggas is mad overrated yo, for real. I don't know what all the hype about them is. And I knew Tahiry was gonna leave Joe Buddens, you blog too much homie. You blog too much, stop blogging man and watch out [for] where your girl's at, man. You blog too much homie. Them n*ggas is overrated. I'm not f*cking with Slaughterhouse, f*ck them n*ggas. F*ck Royce Da 5'9, [it began] with some sh*t about we trying to interview Slaughterhouse and they don't want to give us an interview because of Kim 'Fat B*tch' O'Sorry H*e is wife to the manager of Royce Da 5'9 and they don't want to give us an interview so like f*ck them n*ggas man. Crooked I though, that's my n*gga. I can't front on Crooked I. I don't even have no beef, I just think them n*ggas is overrated. I don't even know who Joell Ortiz is, I'm not up on Joell Ortiz -- it's not that I don't like [Budden], I just think the n*ggas is overrated. I don't see where all the hype at, not just them n*ggas because I get a lot of hate out there but my thing is, I know I got some banging sh*t -- I bet you the Made Men could tear their a**holes out. Why not?" (57th Ave)

Former D-Block member J-Hood recently called out Slaughterhouse and held their age against their rap image.

"N*ggas thought I wasn't gon' say nothing, like I wasn't gonna address it," Hood said in an interview. "F*ggot a** H*e Buddens, Joyce Da 5'9 and motherf*cking, what's that n*gga's name? Slanted I, Crooked I, whatever the f*ck your name is my n*gga. Y'all n*ggas are a** my n*gga. Y'all n*ggas are rolling with a n*gga that got a n*gga locked up, got the homie Ransom locked up after he went to your homie's house and smacked the sh*t outta him, he ain't smack the sh*t outta him, his man smacked the sh*t outta him. Next couple days after that the n*gga was locked up. I don't want no beef with y'all n*ggas, you getting n*ggas locked up. Plus y'all n*ggas is 30 plus my n*gga. Old head a** n*ggas. 'Pump Pump Pump It Up,' f*ck outta here...You and your mans talking that Slaughterhouse bullsh*t, get outta here with that. You trying to come at Method Man and Wu-Tang, they paved the way for you. How the f*ck you gonna try to disrespect a legend?" (Major Moves DVD)

Royce released a diss song towards the rapper earlier this year.

"Your nose in the shotgun like J-Hood," Royce rapped. "Speaking of him, he's a bum/Hundred rounds, hundred pounds of punks get done/Rap n*gga rappin' his way to his demise/I ain't Ransom, chump, I don't shoot in the sky...J-Hood, you lunch/Lil five foot n*gga type you could rob at punch point/Ha, laugh at you, ain't got the heart to pull a piece and blast you/Smaller than my niece...For the cake, I'll battle a savage/F*ck a cop, show me the green I'll bring malice/You trying to drop hip-hop, I'm trying to grab it/From you ringtone n*ggas, fake G's and f*ggots." ("Hottest In The Hood")

Benzino, known for dissing Eminem around 2002, previously spoke with SOHH about his growth as an emcee.

"I stepped my sh*t up 100 percent, lyrically," Zino explained. "I feel a lot of motherf*ckers out there can't even f*ck with me. I don't think I've ever said that in my life, this might be my first interview - but it's only because I stepped up my sh*t. I put in hours in the studio. I'm not one of these n*ggas that just watch BET and think he can rap. I'm not no battle rapper, I make songs." (SOHH)

Check out Benzino speaking on Slaugterhouse below:

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