News: 50 Cent Switches His Style Up, Piles Up W/ "Hard Rock" Collaboration [Audio]

Saturday, Sep 19, 2009 8:34AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

50 Cent has linked with singer Ester Dean for a new techno-based collaboration called "Hard Rock" which shows the G-Unit leader trying his hand at a sound of music outside of his consistent rap hits.

The fast-paced track features Fif applying an auto-tune application to his voice and rapping.

"I like the way that you pop it, you know you turn me on," Fif raps. "I mean the way that you move it, you really got me goin'/Girl you ain't got to say nothing, the way your body talks/Waiting, just patiently waiting to see you take it off/It's really not complicated/I mean don't complicate it...This is how it's supposed to go/I know you know/Just how to drop it low/Dr-drop it low, dr-drop it low..." ("Hard Rock")

While initial speculation grew over whether the song would be featured on his upcoming Before I Self Destruct album, Dean cleared up the confusion.

Is 50 Cent going techno? Fif takes it from the 'hood to Ibiza with 'Hard Rock' featuring singer-songwriter Ester Dean. We just got off the phone with Dean who said the Polow Da Don production is only a demo and was not intended for the rapper's fourth album Before I Self Destruct. 'It's not a demo for 50,' she tells 'That's a song I wrote for somebody else to sing -- but I kinda want to sing it.' (Rap-Up)

Fif also discussed why he has begun doing collaborations outside of rap including The Black Eyed Peas' "Boom Boom Pow" remix and Wisin Y Yandel's "Mujeres" in an interview earlier this year.

"What I fell in love with and inspired me to get into hip-hop is dwindling away," he explained in an interview. "I'd like to be a representation of that, because there isn't much of that left. I think people are so conscious of the numbers they're not being creative anymore. I've received nothing but positive feedback on this collaboration. And it's a surprise because it's playing in a space where you wouldn't traditionally hear 50 Cent. It's exciting and it's a whole new charge of energy for the person that is tuning in." (Billboard)

50's upcoming Before I Self Destruct will drop later this year.

"My new album, I'm really excited about it," Fif said in an interview. "I had an opportunity to make it and then re-make it. I didn't have the time I was able to put in to, I was limited time to my other projects. In this one -- just because the system was in this kinda state of confusion with things changing, the music business itself changed. It was definitely periods where I felt I was ready and it wasn't a possibility for me to release the record at that point and then the Eminem train came running down the track and I had to get outta the way to let the Eminem record go out and then because he had been off for two years, it made good sense for me to just let him come out first. My new album, it should be out in early November. First week of November. Because I had additional time, I wrote, produced and directed my own film, Before I Self Destruct and it'll actually be within the album's packaging. So when you buy the record, you'll get the film that I wrote." (Coke Live Festival)

Check out 50 Cent's "Hard Rock" collaboration below:

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