News: 50 Cent Put In Hospital By Fat Joe, Rapper Allegedly Leaks "J.O.S.E. 2" [Video]

Monday, Sep 28, 2009 5:50PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

50 Cent pulled off a publicity stunt Monday (September 28) afternoon with reports of him being rushed to the hospital after listening to the new Fat Joe album, J.O.S.E. Part II.

Posted on, the rapper's website also has a link to an alleged version of Joe's new album for free download.

This afternoon while in his Manhattan offices, employees say that 50 Cent was listening to Fat Joe's new album, J.O.S.E. 2 when all the sudden, he collapsed! An ambulance was called, and by the time they arrived, 50 Cent regained consciousness and was complaining of blurred vision and a severe migraine. 50 Cent was rushed to Mt. Sinai hospital at 4:26 pm. Doctors say after performing a Cat Scan and EKG there seems to be some damage to his auditory cortex, which is the region of the brain that is responsible for processing sound. (This Is 50)

50's partner in rhymes Tony Yayo also participated in the stunt via Twitter.

'On my way to the hospital," he wrote Monday afternoon. "Keep 50 in ya'll prayers. Let's see him thru this. 50 rushed to the hospital here are the details." (Tony Yayo's Twitter)

The Terror Squad leader recently called out 50 Cent's street credibility and questioned the rapper's silence since last year's jewelery snatching in Africa.

"I'ma show you that footage of Joe walking through the hood in Angola," Crack promised. "I can't believe that one. Man look you in your eye, yap you and walk off? That's amazing. I never seen no sh*t like that in my life...That p*ssy was shocked...It's irrelevant [if 50 got the chain back.] You get robbed in front of America? This is what I'm saying, did he get robbed in front of America? This is my sh*t, get the chain back? That's that bullsh*t, a n*gga get robbed and then you send your man 'cause he know him and get the chain back? N*gga you the illest gangsta? You the killer of all killers and n*gga robbing you on TV? He got robbed on TV. Never seen no sh*t like that in my whole life. That's incredible, Smack. Ask him about that sh*t because he's been keeping it real low though. I ain't hear from that n*gga in a minute. He ain't tryin' to argue with n*ggas, 'Yo, let's keep the fat n*gga quiet, let's keep Game quiet, let's keep everybody quiet and it'll die over.'" (SmackTube)

In addition to dissing Fat Joe by placing him on the cover of their Elephant in the Sand mixtape last year, the Unit's Yayo said Mase wanted to stab Joe for 50 Cent around 2005.

"I think people get confused on like, 'Is he a gangsta or a pastor?' 'Cause I've been around Mase...We was in the car [leaving the 2005 MTV VMAs] and he was like, 'If I would have had my knife, I would have stabbed Fat Joe.' To me, he was trying to impress 50...I'm seeing this coming from a pastor, so I'm like, 'Maybe he ain't no pastor.' Mase, that's my n*gga, but he just confused me sometimes." (Vlad TV)

Check out 50 Cent's "hospital" footage below:

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