News: 50 Cent On Lil Wayne's Rap Facts, "There Ain't A Point Where Those Lyrics Could Be Factual" [Video]

Friday, Sep 11, 2009 3:35PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

50 Cent recently spoke on the lack of lyrical substance within hip-hop and why Lil Wayne's longevity in the rap game takes away from his street credibility.

Speaking at a Howard University conference for his new The 50th Law book, Fif explained why Weezy's lyrics should be re-examined.

"There's artists out there that I can say I enjoy," Fif explained. "I still possess the ability to be a fan. If not, I would feel like I'd be out of touch if I couldn't listen to somebody else's work, get excited about it, feel like it was done well. There's guys out there that write amazing punchlines and yet they have no subsance, they can't fit the song structure. Like it's the guy you see battling other guys with amazing lines that make you say 'Wow, he's talented.' -- Did somebody out there say Weezy? He grew up on tv. He's been on since he was 14 years-old, 13. So, if you think about it, there ain't a point where any of those lyrics could actually be factual." (YouTube)

Jay-Z mentor Jaz-O recently discussed his stance on Wayne and claimed the rapper hired writers to help him.

"These dudes got writers," Jaz explained. "Lil Wayne has a gang of writers. You can look at, like, okay, everybody likes him and I would like him too if I listened to mainstream radio all the time. I would like him too because that's all they play, but that's the core [audience]. And the people that you talk to will say 'Oh he's not wack,' they don't even recognize that they've been hypnotized into liking him because when they weren't playing him a lot and he had the same backing, the same money behind him, they weren't liking him, they were saying he was garbage and honestly, I think he put out better material when they were saying he was wack. But it was because he wasn't being played all the time." (Street Diciplez Radio)

Prior to making a surprise appearance at Lil Wayne's America's Most Wanted tour alongside Soulja Boy, Fif dissed Weezy on countless occassions including his "Try Me" record.

"Fat f*ck playing Wii Fit Nintendo/Have another tattoo, here's another tattoo," 50 rapped referring to Rick Ross. "Run into my goons soon, have a new bullet wound/Officer Ricky, radio for backup/See ya a** anyway, you know I'm gon' act up/You wanna play with me when I don't wanna play/Have my n*ggas whip the skin off ya a** all day...This n*gga's an appetizer. Where you at Wayne? You the full course meal, Wayne. You awfully quiet." ("Try Me")

Cash Money Records co-founder Baby previously explained why Wayne never took up a rap challenge with 50.

"We got money man," Baby explained. "We on islands and jets f*cking h*es. We ain't trippin' off petty sh*t. We got money. Ain't ever a dark day in my life, why won't I go spend 250 right now, I'll burn that b*tch...We just did a deal for a 100 mil, we got money for real. It ain't no game. We ain't got time for bullsh*t. We getting money man. We go to the studio that's money, that's like $20 million. When I hit your town they pay 250 just to say they saw us...We been through the wars, I got scars from wars. Get with that anytime, but lets get with this money sh*t, that's what's up...Me and my son are rich for real, that's why I won't entertain bullsh*t...Today, I'm the only n*gga in the industry, me, my son and my brother that own everything, nobody owns nothin'. We 100 percent in this b*tch, we make more than they make." (SmackTube)

Check out 50 Cent's thoughts on Lil Wayne below:

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