Pulse Report: Pulse Report: 50 Cent Delivers Delayed Jay-Z Diss, Rick Ross Stans Eminem, Chris Brown Finds Forgiveness In Hip-Hop

Friday, Sep 4, 2009 12:00AM

Written by Archie Fucque

In this week's Pulse Report the streets are buzzing about, 50 Cent baiting Jay-Z into a confrontation, Rick Ross still craving a battle with Eminem, Chris Brown breaking his silence on Larry King, Max B receiving a 75 year sentence, and Joe Budden having the worst week ever.

[Editor Note: The views of this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH.com]

1. Jigga That N*gga

In a week when Blueprint 3 sprung an early leak, Jay-Z still came out on top of the hip-hop world. The early reviews of BP3 were very good and plans of a charity concert in New York City on 9/11 had Jay-Z riding a wave of positive press. However, 50 Cent found a way to work his way into the picture and steal some of Jay's thunder. The G-Unit general dropped a new song "Flight 187" where he takes clear shots at Jay-Z with a couple of dated jabs.

"Jay rockin' that Urkel look, isn't he from Marcy?/ They say he growing dreads and now he's taking like a Yardie"

Why do you think 50 is doing this? You've got one guess before you self destruct. We know he's not mad at Jay-Z for wearing chancletas (flip-flops) like DMX is. [Watch Here] Will Jay respond? Doubt it. He's already said rap beef is wack and he doesn't view The Game and Jim Jones as worthy adversaries. Doubt he'll take 50 serious either.

The more serious issue at hand is whether or not BP3 is a classic like Jay says it is. I don't think so. I think its REALLY good, but folks are a little hype about it right now and tossing around the classic label too freely. What ya'll say? Plus, I've heard some folks say Raekwon's, Only Built 4 Cuban Links 2, which leaked this week as well, is better than BP3. Is it?

2. Law & Offer

Rick Ross likes Eminem's verse on Drake's "Forever" so much he has restated his offer for Em to do a song with him. The Miami rapper told MTV news that he's still open for a collaboration with the superstar rapper.

"On a better note, I wanna shout out Eminem. I heard a record he did with Cash Money's own Lil Wayne and Drake and Kanye West. Eminem, you're smart. I understand ... we all know what you doing now. You're moving on to better things. Like I said, he might wanna do a record with me. We here. Triple Cs."

If Em still refuses to work together, the offer for a rap battle between the two still stands. Especially since Em is in a heated beef with Mariah Carey right now.

"He's smart," Ross said about Eminem not addressing him and avoiding a rhyme battle. "That's what I'm waiting for. That'll be a gift...a great Christmas present for me. But y'all know what I think. I think everybody knows. It's all 'hood, man. Shout-out to Mariah Carey, she needs to reach out to me. We could eradicate some things." - MTV

When will the Bawse let it go? Em is not going to battle him. Em probably has to be reminded of who he is every time he hears his name. I say the Bawse should continue to enjoy his draw with 50 Cent and quit dreaming of being in the same presence of Em. Your journeying into Stan territory now.

3. All Eye On CB

The world was watching as Chris Brown gave his first interview, since assaulting ex-girlfriend Rihanna, to CNN's Larry King. While Brown still has his fair share of detractors, there was a small community of rappers who took to their Twiiter accounts to speak out in his defense as he faced a prime time audience on Wednesday night.

Ja Rule was taken aback by Brown's choice of attire. Brown's powder blue, Vanity Smurf-inspired, sweater clearly brightened up the situation.

"Why is this n*gga chris brown wearing a powder blue bow tie...,"

Nore and Lil Mo, just wanted Brown to be given a second chance.

"Chris brown holding it down on CNN," he wrote. "he sorry he mad a mistake forgive him already and move on People forgave don imus dog the bounty hunter and plenty others C'mon son." (N.O.R.E's Twitter)

"So now that the LK/CB intvw is over is everyone ready 2 move on w/ their lives?," she asked. "I didn't see it but I cood get blood out of a turnip Larry KING is WACK. He's overrated and he's OLD!... (Lil Mo Twitter)

Lil Mo went a little hard on the old guy. Lucky for her she'll never have to worry about being on his show, given her irrelevant status.

Styles P had the most peculiar argument in Brown's defense.

"Yall took r.kelly back and that was a million times worst!!," he wrote during the broadcast. As matter of fact a lot of yall motherf***ers wasn't even mad at him let cb live F*ck larry king I never seen him go this hard on anyone! And rhianna is west indian you know she was f*ccckking cb up! Probably alldatime! mad chics get hit everyday and nobody gives a fuck .!!rhianna was with him after the incident so if she forgave him so can we! (Styles P's Twitter)

That had to be the most illiterate yet reasonable set of arguments to be made in Brown's favor. While I agree with Styles P on the R. Kelly thing, I don't get the "Rihanna is West Indian" thing. Does that mean West Indian women are violent? That's not a proven fact. And in any case the rules of the game state you don't hit a woman. Especially the way he hit her. But I agree it seems Rihanna has forgiven Chris, so we all should try to do the same. Let's all move on now.

4. 75 And An L

Cam'ron is proven wrong once again. Crime does not pay. Following the life sentence C-Murder received last month in his murder case, Harlem rapper Max B was sentenced to 75 years in jail for his roll in a fatal 2006 robbery. According to the North Jersey News, a judge sentenced Charly "Max B" Wingate to 75 years in prison for masterminding a robbery that turned to murder at a New Jersey hotel.

The rapper's step brother, Kelvin Leerdam, was sentenced to life in prison plus 35 years for his role in the crime.

"Both Wingate and Leerdam looked resigned when Superior Court Judge Harry G. Carroll sentenced them in Hackensack. Wingate said he was not happy with his attorney, Gerald Saluti, and fired him during the hearing just before he received his sentence. His mother, Sharon Wingate, said he will appeal the conviction. 'We will be back,' she said."

Damn! The wavy champ has been wiped out. Sad. Minus the pointless ignorance he displayed in videos during his spat with Jim Jones, I really liked what Max was bringing to the game. What a waste of talent. Good luck with the appeal and all that. Best you can wish for is that the judge has a change of heart and hits you with some Kobe or LeBron numbers as opposed to the football numbers you got now.

5. Joe Not So Cool

It's official. Joe Budden is now the poster child for hip-hop bullying. The New Jersey rapper has become an easy target for some serious rapper aggression since questioning Method Man's talent. Just a month ago, a member of Raekwon's entourage punched Joe in the face, now hip-hop veteran MC Shan has threatened to slap the rapper. [Listen Here] While Joe won't respond to Shan's request for a good old square dance, sometimes rapper Benzino wants to take on Joe's group, Slaughterhouse. Zino thinks the collection, made up of Budden, Crooked I, Royce 5'9 and Joell Ortiz, are overrated and wouldn't stand a chance against his Made Men crew. [Watch Here]

"I just think the n*ggas is overrated. I don't see where all the hype at, not just them n*ggas because I get a lot of hate out there but my thing is, I know I got some banging sh*t -- I bet you the Made Men could tear their a**holes out. Why not?" (57th Ave)

All of this happened to Joe while rumors of his break up from girlfriend Tahiry circulated on the web. But all is not lost. Tony Yayo was kind enough to offer Joe advice on how he could prevent another beat down in his own dressing room.

"Like with my whole thing is, Buddens, have better security at your door or something? A n*gga ain't running up on my dressing room and punching me in the face, and no disrespect to Joe Budden or Raekwon. It is what it is. A n*gga come to my sh*t, he's getting blown out that sh*t. Boom!" (Vlad TV)

Sage advice from a man who was (according to him) locked up with Joe Budden's father. Nice.

All I can say is you know your having the worst week ever when MC Shan and Benzino challenge your man hood and rap skills. It's the type of sh*t that'll make your girl want to leave you.

[Editor's Note: The views expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect those of SOHH]

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