News: 50 Cent Breaks Down "Flight 187" Name Drops, Says Jay-Z Was Not Intentionally Targeted

Friday, Sep 11, 2009 5:35PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

50 Cent has clarified the lyrics in his "Flight 187" song, which name drops DMX, Eminem and Dr. Dre, and said he did not intentionally go at Jay-Z on the record to spark attention.

In addition to explaining why he poked fun at Hov's glasses, Fif also pointed out why the media placed emphasis on making it appear as a diss.

"It was the glasses," 50 reasoned in an interview. "They saw the glasses. I didn't Photoshop glasses on him. I think Jay is really conscious of his actual moves. He does those things to make a statement in different ways to create clarity that he doesn't have to be the way people want him to be. He can do what he wants. But [it's written] out of the perspective of me mentioning things I thought were interesting...I even wrote, 'Em made me a star and Dre is taking a long time to mix my records. I gotta talk to Jimmy [Iovine] about it.' I wrote about Britney Spears. I said a lot of interesting things on the record, but they focus on Jay because his album is releasing. Of course, with those marketing dollars being spent, he's the focus." (MTV)

50's song makes multiple references to a slew of entertainers.

"187, 187, departure from the 'hood, destination h*ll or heaven," Fif raps. "They puttin' pressure on me, son, now they want me to snap/End up like X and Whitney in my mansion smoking crack/I'm paranoid, I'm feeling like n*ggas is trying to get me/Forget the kids, I'm shaving off my f*cking head like Britney/Man, Dre won't mix my records now I need to talk to Jimmy/I'm falling back in my own ways I'm riding with the semi/Who's calling me -- on the other line with Diddy/But I don't wanna talk, right now my day is going sh*tty/Why is Jay rocking that Urkel look, isn't he from Marcy?/They say he growin' dreads now he talkin' like a Yardie/Man everything is changing, I don't understand a thing/I guess this is that bullsh*t that all the money brings...My baby mama boyfriend like to talk like he can hurt me/I'm laughing 'cause she kissed in his mouth and gave him herpes -- You can ask my son, he'll tell you 'My dad is f*cking crazy,' -- Shady didn't invent me, but a star is what he made me/I'd blow your f*cking mind now if I told you what he paid me/They gave me all the pills he had that's why I'm so high/It makes me so good now that I'm not so scared to die/I wish a n*gga would, I dare a motherf*cker try/You get at me and miss, you kiss your black a** good-bye." ("Flight 187")

Aside from his upcoming 50th Law mixtape, Fif will release his long-awaited Before I Self Destruct album later this year.

"My new album, I'm really excited about it," Fif said in an interview. "I had an opportunity to make it and then re-make it. I didn't have the time I was able to put in to, I was limited time to my other projects. In this one -- just because the system was in this kinda state of confusion with things changing, the music business itself changed. It was definitely periods where I felt I was ready and it wasn't a possibility for me to release the record at that point and then the Eminem train came running down the track and I had to get outta the way to let the Eminem record go out and then because he had been off for two years, it made good sense for me to just let him come out first. My new album, it should be out in early November. First week of November. Because I had additional time, I wrote, produced and directed my own film, Before I Self Destruct and it'll actually be within the album's packaging. So when you buy the record, you'll get the film that I wrote." (Coke Live Festival)

According to reports, the album will land in stores around mid-November.

50 Cent's oft-delayed album Before I Self Destruct is closing in on its destruction date. The rapper will release his fourth studio album on November 17, has learned. The project, his last of original material for Interscope, has been delayed several times since last year. (Rap-Up)

Check out 50 Cent's "Flight 187" music video below:

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