News: 50 Cent Drops "50th Law" Book, "Create Your Own Five-Year Plan For Success" [Video]

Tuesday, Sep 8, 2009 3:50PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

50 Cent has explained his motivation for creating his new book The 50th Law which lands on shelves today (September 8).

Fif hinted at what fans could expect from his latest book which he co-wrote with Robert Greene.

"I had an opportunity to pile up the information and talk to him about my experience overall and what I feel like I want to do for the future," Fif said in a video. "I think it's important for you to develop a plan. In this actual book, I put down some of the concepts and ideas that I created, I expressed, all of my intimate thoughts with Robert so he could assess what I was doing without having technical terms to create a description of what my planning process was. Overall I'm really proud of this actual project. [Fans] will get a chance to pick it up September 8th, The 50th Law. 50 Cent. Robert Greene. It's gonna be great, you'll get a chance to read it and create your own five-year plan for success." (This Is 50)

The book's publisher, Andrew Franklin, recently spoke on the new release.

"Those who dismiss 50 Cent as a gangster should rethink, his continued presence in the Forbes Rich List and entrepreneurial nous show there is a lot more to the man than his music, Franklin said in an interview. He added it was "not just an informed strategy" but also "an incredible story of survival, rehabilitation and upward mobility" from life in the ghetto to the boardroom. "The essential tenet of the book, inspired by 50's experiences, is that your fears are a prison which hold you back-you should be yourself, fear nothing, focus on what you want and have no 'Plan B.'" (Billboard)

50 announced dates for a The 50th Law book tour with Greene earlier this summer.

50th Law tour dates include: September 8: Town Hall (New York, NY), September 9: Howard University (Washington, DC), September 10: The Tabernacle (Atlanta, GA), September 11: Royal Oak Music Theatre (Royal Oak, MI) and September 12: The Wiltern (Los Angeles, CA). (Live Pollstar)

Greene previously highlighted initial challenges with the book.

"He's actually very sweet," Greene described of 50 in an interview. "He's one of those guys that has no mother and is missing a mother...Whenever there's a woman in the room, he just comes alive and becomes extremely charming. So he's actually got a little soft spot there that a lot of people don't realize...He's not like a party person at all, he likes to work, work-out, so he's not what people think at all...Bob saw the original version of the book and that version ended up weaker than this one. It's hard to do the business thing with 50 because he's so exceptional. Like, what are you gonna learn about a guy from South Side Queens who then becomes a hip-hop artist...That version also had other weaknesses." (Harper Studio)

Check out 50 Cent speaking on The 50th Law below:

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