News: Yung Berg Explains Silence After Maino Fight, "My Management Was Telling Me Don't Speak On It" [Video]

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2009 9:40PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Yung Berg recently spoke on the controversy surrounding his publicized dispute with Maino last year and said despite being assaulted by the rapper, both emcees have since spoken and have no problems.

Speaking with hip-hop personality DJ Vlad, Berg admitted to being slapped by the rapper in an Atlanta nightclub last fall.

"Me and him, we rocked hard, we was on a lot of tours together" Berg said in an interview. "It is what it is...I never really spoke on it because my management was telling me at the time 'Dont' speak on it, it's not nothing, it's not even in your fanbase.' I thought that once we had the conversation the next day that it was going to be deaded. Me personally, I thought once we spoke, it wasn't going to be spoken upon anymore. The only thing I didn't really like about it is it went on and on and on. From interviews to magazines to editorials to interviews with radio...I'm not blaming him because he's just doing his job and he's doing...that's the only thing I didn't like about it...We spoke about it, it was a misunderstanding, we like brothers, I look up to you like a big brother, he d*mn near ten years older than me...just the way it went on and on and on, it was beyond me...I'll admit it, I stepped to him...And I came at him incorrectly and I apologized for that...Maino is a street dude, he's done time in jail and I'm a young and sexy dude, for the young and sexy period. It is what it is, much success to him." (Vlad TV)

Maino previously spoke on the confrontation and what sparked his violent reaction to the rapper.

"Yea, he was a little disrespectful, so I just tried to clean him up a little bit, and just give him a little togetherness. That's all," Maino told radio personality Jenny Boom Boom. "[Yung Berg] approached me and said to me 'Yo, I heard you were talking reckless about me.' I said 'What?' He said 'Yea, I heard you was talking reckless about me.' So, his body language and his mannerisms led me to believe he was being disrespectful to me, so I slapped him. That's all I did to him." (Jenny Boom Boom)

The Brooklyn, New York-bred emcee also had a past beef with Lil Cease around 2006.

"Lil Cease got punished," Maino said in an on-street interview. "There was no fight, his manager got punished, they got disciplined, and that's on my word on the blood of my son. Both of them got punished, but I am not gonna say too much, cause we are dealing with people's lawyers and all that, but them boys got disciplined." (Street Space)

Cease recently said his issues with Maino were put to rest in an interview with Angela Yee earlier this year.

"Big up to Maino, you know," Cease said. "We kicked it through our situation. So you know, yeah [we worked it out]. We were on the [Notorious] set together, you know what I mean? But even before that, we saw each other at the BET Awards. we still in the same neighborhood." (Lip Service)

Check out Yung Berg's interview below:

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