News: Young Money's Shanell On Her School Days' Swag, "I Stuck Out Like A Sore Thumb" [Audio]

Wednesday, Aug 26, 2009 6:25PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Lil Wayne's Young Money singer Shanell aka SNL recently spoke with SOHH about her school days and how she managed to introduce an East Coast style to her Southern classmates.

While Shanell revealed she was different from her peers, the songbird also said her fashion statements were organic and kept everyone's attention.

"I was a little outcast," Shanell jokingly revealed about her school days. "My whole thing was I moved from Massachusetts which is the East Coast to Atlanta, Georgia which is the South. And when I first moved to the South, they were looking at me like, 'What!?' because it was so different. I had to just maintain what I knew and maintain myself and I always kinda stuck out like a sore thumb but it was okay, I learned to love it. I was different, I was an outcast but nobody ever made fun of me, I was maybe like the girl in school that everybody knew but I didn't know them. Nothing was intentional, it was just what I knew and where I came from." (SOHH)

The singer's head honcho, Lil Wayne, was recently featured in a new education-based commercial called "Get Schooled" to promote an upcoming "Get Schooled: You Have The Right" program next month.

"Growing up in a tough neighborhood is something I know a little about," Weezy said in the commercial's intro. "It's not easy and you have to rise up and stand out. Right now, fewer than one in ten lower income students can expect to earn a bachelor's degree. Odds like that, a better life seems harder to come by. America needs a stronger educational system and the time is now for bold reform. We owe the next generation a brighter future. Motivate. Educate. Elevate. Get Schooled. (YouTube)

The site,, shows September 8th as the date for its world premiere.

"1 Television Event. More Than 20 Different Networks. Tuesday, September 8th, 8 PM. The One Thing You'll Never Learn In School, Is How Important School Is. Get Schooled: You Have The Right." (Get Schooled)

Shanell has recently been performing on the road alongside Weeezy for the America's Most Wanted tour.

Shanell aka SNL will rejoin Lil Wayne and her Young Money labelmates to debut her new record 'Play in My Band' hitting major venues in over 20 cities in the US and Canada on what will be one of the hottest tours of the summer. Most recently known for co-writing the breakthrough rock single Prom Queen, Shanell will introduce her own unique sound on this tour and continue to perform alongside Lil Wayne to hits and fan favorites. (Zimbio)
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Check out a portion of Shanell's SOHH interview below:

[You can download Shanell's A Taste of Shanell mixtape, just click here.]

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