News: Unreleased Eminem Songs Land Online [Audio]

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2009 4:34PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Unreleased music from Eminem has landed online today (August 19) which includes recordings reportedly from the early 1990's, years before he was discovered by Dr. Dre and Aftermath Records.

One of the records, titled "Poo Butt," features the Grammy-winning emcee rhyming alongside a rapper named Chaos Kid.

"Sometimes things never go my way, you know I just feel like a Poo Butt today," Em raps. "Sometimes things never go my way, you know I just feel like a Poo Butt today/Woke up, six thirty in the morning/yawning, gotta get to the recording studio/I gotta get a tape done/Put all my rhymes together so I can make one/Get outta bed, fall on my head/Slipped on the rug and I thought I was dead/Cussing, I think my head is busted..." ("Poo Butt")

Additional songs landed online including "Unrealistically Graphic" and "Artificial Flavour."

These tracks are older than most of you who visit this site, these previously unreleased tracks from Em's early 90's partnership with Chaos Kid under the name Soul Intent. On Chaos Kid's MySpace it says that the two worked together from 1988 - 1992 along with a producer by the name of Manix. (Hip Hop Music Dot Com)

The records sparked the attention of various bloggers who shared their reactions.

Em has always listed Big Daddy Kane and 3rd Bass as two of his biggest musical influences, and it's pretty ill to listen to this stuff now and hear it clear as day. He pretty much sounds like how he looks in that picture above. Obviously these tracks sound incredibly dated now, but all things considered, they really aren't that bad at all. Props to Matthew for shooting these over. (Nah Right)

Tupac Shakur recently had unreleased music land online including his "War Gamez" diss record which targeted Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Nas, Mobb Deep and more.

"N*ggas playing deadly motherf*cking war games," Pac says in the intro. "How many broke down rappers got some sh*t to say...I bust on Bad Boy, Mobb Deep and murder The Firm/When you scream 'fake thugs' who the f*ck you mean/Get more C.R.E.A.M. than all of y'all/N*gga f*ck your team/Now Dre wanna switch sides/Tricks hide in war/Last year I shed tears but I don't cry no more/Plus Jay-Z tried to play me/He won't last long/Go ask King Sun how it feel to have your a** gone...Got shot five times, got outta jail on bail and sold five million. Sold more records than all you trick motherf*ckers put together. More than The Firm, more than Bad Boy, murdered Mobb Deep, more than all you b*tch made n*ggas." ("War Gamez")

Check out Eminem's "Poo Butt" record below:

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