News: Tupac Shakur Returns W/ "Shakurspeare" LP

Sunday, Aug 9, 2009 2:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The late Tupac Shakur's early recordings will reportedly land in digital retail stores with the upcoming release of Shakurspeare,?which is set to drop next month.

The project will feature music he recorded over two decades ago.

On September 13th, Shakurspeare, a collection of Pac's earliest known recordings will be released digitally. The vocals for Shakurspeare were originally recorded a cappella on cassette over 20-years ago (1988.) They have since been digitally mastered with production by several Baltimore producers. The album cover will feature a painting portraying Shakur as William Shakespeare. (Hip Hollywood)

Being released via Born Busy Records, the company's CEO Darrin Bastfield explained the project's significance.

"I was there when Tupac heard himself for the first time rapping on a recording," Bastfield said in a statement. "As he sat in the cafeteria of the Baltimore School for the Arts it was as if he couldnt believe that he was listening to himself. Just as Tupac was quietly amazed by hearing himself, I want people to hear Tupac as a young artist in his very first recordings ever having fun, rapping about issues that concerned us, and most importantly giving a cautionary and timely 'Message of Peace' in his own voice as if he was already a big rap star with a reputation to uphold." (Skakurspeare)

The album's cover will also pay homage to the famed poet, William Shakespeare.

Shakurspeare with its album cover also derived from the oil painting titled Shakurspeare also created by Bastfield depicts the young Shakur in likeness to the famous playwright, Shakespeare. The concept was based on the 17 year-old Tupac Shakur sharing with Bastfield his dream and desire to one day become an accomplished Shakespearean actor as told in Chapter 13 of Back in the Day: My life and times with Tupac Shakur. Bastfield will be releasing Shakurspeare the painting as a Limited Edition along with the 13 Spiritual Vibrations that he received from Shakurspeare that were edited out of the book on the Born Busy Records website. (Press Release)

Early Pac records also landed online last month including the diss song "War Gamez" which called out Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, Nas, Mobb Deep and more.

"N*ggas playing deadly motherf*cking war games," Pac says in the intro. "How many broke down rappers got some sh*t to say...I bust on Bad Boy, Mobb Deep and murder The Firm/When you scream 'fake thugs' who the f*ck you mean/Get more C.R.E.A.M. than all of y'all/N*gga f*ck your team/Now Dre wanna switch sides/Tricks hide in war/Last year I shed tears but I don't cry no more/Plus Jay-Z tried to play me/He won't last long/Go ask King Sun how it feel to have your a** gone...Got shot five times, got outta jail on bail and sold five million. Sold more records than all you trick motherf*ckers put together. More than The Firm, more than Bad Boy, murdered Mobb Deep, more than all you b*tch made n*ggas." ("War Gamez")

The new album is set to be digitally released on Sunday, September 13th.

Check out Tupac's early recording, "War Gamez" below:

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