News: Tony Yayo To Young Buck, "I Wish You Was W/ Us Getting Some Money"

Friday, Aug 21, 2009 10:34AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Tony Yayo recently spoke on former G-Unit member Young Buck and explained how the "disgruntled" Cashville rapper missed out on major opportunities since his G-Unit departure.

In addition to detailing what Buck "could" have had, the "Talk of New York" also said he felt bad for his previous Interscope Records labelmate.

"Shout to Young Buck," Yayo began in an interview. "I wish you was with us, getting some money, living the life. When I see it, I feel a little sorry for him, because he could be taking the same advantages I'm taking. I just wish that the guy thought better or was a better businessman, instead of just being a good rapper. You being disgruntled towards 50, now what do you have? You could have been with us in Peru. We went to Switzerland, Istanbul, we went everywhere man. I'm too real for the industry. Even if I was disgruntled about anything, I wouldn't care, because I'm still getting money. Still got houses, still got cars, sprinklers still come out the ground. I think people get jealous of 50 of how big he is. You wake up, [New York City] Mayor Bloomberg is talking about 50. Then in the New York Post, he had two pages. Then he was on Fox 5 [New York] news because we're doing an event for the kids and grown-ups." (MTV)

Yayo recently spoke on Young Buck's departure from the Unit and how 50 always looked out for the best interests of his artists.

"When you look at the whole situation with Buck, n*gga gave him a quarter of a million dollars," Yayo explained in an interview. "How you f*ck that up? It's just that when you got young n*ggas that's seeing millions and millions of dollars and n*ggas don't know nothin' about taxes, I'ma be honest, I ain't know about that sh*t neither...That n*gga was giving away millions man. I sh*t you not. He was giving money away. I seen him give Buck $250,000 in my eyes. Buck said 'Man, they gonna put the chain on the door.'" (Hip Hop Stan)

He previously said a situation in Florida also sparked tension between Buck and G-Unit prior to his exit in March 2008.

"That's the thing with Buck," Yayo explained in an interview. "I had a little altercation in Miami with DJ Khaled at the radio station, sh*t could have got ugly, it was on Tupac's birthday, too, he said he was gonna do a song with Khaled and that's when I started looking at the n*gga funny. If 50 says he got a problem with a n*gga then we all got a problem with a n*gga." (Forbez DVD)

Buck recently spoke on his falling out and took partial blame for their past beef.

"My whole strategy idea for coming back out and f*cking with this rap sh*t is totally opposite what motherf*ckers think I'ma do," Buck said in an interview. "I think a lot of motherf*ckers think I'ma come out [and] beef with 50 and holler 'F*ck G-Unit' and all of that sh*t. I ain't even looking to do it like that. I'm looking to just make straight god d*mnit good music and do my thing through the music...I'd rather just focus on making the music instead of dedicating energy to some sh*t that's meaningless. If we got a problem with each other, it is what it is...Maybe I got out of pocket a little bit because I played a part in the sh*t too. So I can't sit here and act like I ain't did sh*t. I just as much played a part of it as any other of the n*ggas I was with. Whether it was 50, [Lloyd] Banks or Yayo or beefing with n*ggas unnecessarily. N*ggas had they reasons at the time for what they were beefing over." (Tim Video)

Check out Young Buck's recent interview speaking on G-Unit below:

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