News: Three 6 Mafia Give "Laws of Power" Update, "About 90% Of The Album Is Done"

Tuesday, Aug 4, 2009 1:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

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Three 6 Mafia recently spoke on the status of their forthcoming Laws of Power album and broke down their non-stop recording process.

In addition to tagging Flo Rida and Sean Kingston, the duo promise their new LP will focus on showcasing their own talent.

"We've probably got about 20 songs, about 90 percent of the album done," the group's Juicy J said in an interview. But his partner, DJ Paul, notes that "we always record up 'til the day it's time to turn it in, just in case we come up with something else that's cool. We write and record all the time, 24 hours a day. We've got a few different studios and mobile studios on our computers, so we never stop...85, 90 percent of the record is done by us." (Billboard)

Juicy J recently addressed rumors about the group's alleged break up.

"The group is definitely not broke up, it's stronger than ever," he promised in an interview. "We got a new Three 6 album coming out at the end of the year, so it's all good. I understand that people think that but look, it's not happening man." (XXLMag)

The rapper also spoke on what keeps Three 6 Mafia motivated with over a decade of music to their name.

"It's just that we like doing music," he said in an interview. "I like doing music. I like trying different stuff with music. A lot of people want to hear some of our older mixtape stuff so we try to remix some of that old stuff and put it back out, or we'll put it back out like it's always been. So, you know, I just like putting out music, man. Keeping the streets flooded with something. That's our motivation right there. It's just that we in love with music. We like doing music and making beats everyday, laying hooks and raps or whatever, laying songs everyday, so might as well put that sh*t out. Ain't no use in sitting on it. Done laid about 30 or 40 songs, I'm like, sh*t, I'll just put a little independent album out. Give 'em an appetizer or something before the Three 6 album come out." (Vibe)

Their upcoming album will follow-up 2008's Last 2 Walk.

It's getting easier out there for a pimp. On their first album since they added an Oscar statuette to the gold-plated goblets in their trophy case, these Memphis rappers are in a triumphant mood. "I showed 'em, I showed 'em," bellow DJ Paul and Juicy J in "I Told 'Em." On Last 2 Walk, every track is compelling, with synthesized strings and the usual depth-sounder bass lines inflated with reverb into miniature symphonies. Recently, MCs Crunchy Black and Lord Infamous quit Three 6, leaving the group in the hands of its longtime producers, Paul and Juicy. And that's how it should be: As rappers, Three 6 have always been pro forma, bragging blandly about drugs, sex and cars, but their beats can be revelatory. (Rolling Stone)

Check out a past SOHH interview with Three 6 Mafia below:

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