News: The Game Faces School Banning, "I Am Very Much Against What He's Done In The Past"

Tuesday, Aug 11, 2009 10:49AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Black Wall Street leader The Game is reportedly facing a New Zealand school banning due to his criminal background, after winning the opportunity to speak to students this week.

Papatoetoe High Principal Peter Gall explained his issues with the rapper and why a Wednesday (August 12) appearance will not likely take place.

"We haven't given approval. It's a decision that will be made in line with school policy," Gall said in an interview. "I understand that this fellow may have a bit of an unsavory background. While I am very pleased and proud that we won the competition, I would doubt that we would take up the offer...There are a few of those stories around but it almost seems like the message is 'it's OK to be a bad dude when you're young because you can turn your life around later'. I would much rather have messages from people who say it's great to be a good dude all the time. I have nothing against him, but I am very much against what he has done in the past. It's not right, it's unhealthy." (New Zealand Herald)

A contest took place earlier this month which resulted in Gall's school winning.

The Game arrives in New Zealand next week for his first ever NZ Tour which kicks off at Auckland's Logan Campbell Centre next Wednesday. Earlier in the day the rapper will make an appearance at an Auckland school as part of a Mai FM promotional competition called "The GAME was in MAI CLASS." The winning class will have the Game speak to them about how he became a successful rapper and movie star, plus he'll drop a free-style and join them in a class photo too! (Scoop News)

Despite his rap image, Game has reportedly become involved with various charity-based events since beginning his international tour earlier this summer.

Taylor sees himself as a role model and is "real active in the community". "I think when you become an entertainer on the worldwide scale like I have you have no choice but to accept the role of a role model. "I just got back from Africa. I went to a bunch of schools and different classrooms out there and just, the kids, man, they look up to you and so you've gotta give back." He'll continue giving through a radio-run competition in New Zealand where a school can win a visit from the rapper during his time in the country. "Even in the smallest ways to you might be big to someone else so ... whenever and wherever I can give back to children anywhere in the world I will." (TVNZ News)

While performing in Australia over the weekend, however, Game did promote violence during his show as he called out G-Unit's 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo.

Game shouted "G-Unot" to a Sydney crowd over the weekend. "Anybody know how to make a motherf*cking gun? Put the motherf*ckers up. The whole building and cock it back. Hold up, cock it back. And if 50 ever come to Sydney, cock it back. Aim that motherf*cker and pop, pop-pop. If you see Lloyd Banks, cock it back and just bust one shot at him 'cause he gon' run like a b*tch. If you see Yayo, put your guns back up, cock it back. Walk all the way up on the n*gga, look him right in his face and just drop the gun 'cause he ain't even worth it. G-G-G-G-Unot!" (YouTube)

Check out The Game's Sydney performance below:

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