News: The Clipse Move Past Label Beef, "We Definitely Don't Cry Over It"

Monday, Aug 3, 2009 12:05PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The Clipse recently spoke on their survival within the rap game and why artists should take notice of their own careers rather than expecting a record label to guide them.

The Virginia-based rap duo also touched on their past issues with Jive Records and how they landed on Sony/Columbia with Rick Rubin.

"If you're trying to survive, you got to keep moving," they explained. "We've always been ourselves, and have done what the label doesn't do...You can't just expect them to do everything, and some labels aren't as passionate about the work that you do...You know the emotion you have behind it...We definitely don't cry over it, we keep it moving...Just like with Jive, when we saw how all that was going down, we made a whole big movie about it...The fans were in on it, and they saw how we were being treated, and they felt disrespected...All these labels are under a few different umbrellas, and those two labels happened to be under the same umbrella. At the end of the day, all the checks are going into one spot...So that wasn't really a big deal...We don't really worry about the label stuff anymore." (iHipHop)

Fabolous recently gave advice for rap newcomers and warned them about record labels' powers.

"Really, I guess just coming in with not a lot of knowledge of what it takes to put out an album [is a mistake]," Fab explained in an interview. "Knowing the business relationship between you and your record label, a lot of people think it's just going into the studio, being in the studio all night smoking and drinking and having your friends in there and then when the money don't come back like it's supposed to or the record labels taking every coin away from your album. Then they wanna look back and see what's going on or flip out like, 'Yo where's my bread at?' and it was there, but you ain't do your business right. So I think everybody that comes in, you should talk with certain people or educate yourself to it by looking it up and checking out your business." (SmackTube)

OutKast's Big Boi previously co-signed Clipse's past issues with Jive, which recently reflected his move to Island Def Jam.

"Jive Records, man," Boi said, whose contract was adopted by Jive after Arista dissolved its roster in 2004. "You know what goes with Jive? Shuckin' and jivin'. And the fans have been thinking it's me and [Andre 3000]. You can't work on music for two-plus years and just give it to a label and they just f*ck it up...It's like I'm indie right now, but they won't let us out the contract. The Clipse said it best [on 'Mr. Me Too'] when they said 'they weren't playing fair at Jive.' They don't want to spend the money, but the music's gonna make its own way." (Rolling Stone)

Clipse recently spoke on their upcoming Till The Casket Drops album and what fans could expect from their third LP.

"He came through with the clean sweep at the end," Clipse told radio personality Jenny Boom Boom. "We were basically like, we want hip-hop on steroids. We in a good space, we want that energy, we want that [feeling like] the first Clipse album. It was raw, a little bit more uptempo. It was hip-hop on steroids. And Pharrell creates for us. He don't go and knock off dust from old beats, he literally stops what he's doing and creates fresh joints. Sometimes we fight, disagreeing over music. We go back to the drawing board but that's what we gotta do, we gotta push each other." (Jenny Boom Boom TV)

Till The Casket Drops is slated to land in stores October 2009.

Check out a recent Clipse interview below:

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