News: The Clipse Return W/ Cam'ron, "It's Pretty Much A Big Deal"

Thursday, Aug 13, 2009 5:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

The Clipse recently spoke on their upcoming Till The Casket Drops album and why their comeback is similar to Cam'ron's.

In addition to speaking on their return to the rap spotlight, the duo also spoke on Killa turning down a guest spot on their debut album, Lord Willin'.

"We wanted Cam on the 'Grindin' remix back in the day and he was like 'Get outta here with that," Malice revealed in an interview. "I think what's dope about it is we're coming out of a hiatus, same with Cam'ron. To come back into the arena and do so together, I think it's pretty much a big deal. [Our collaboration with Cam 'Back By Popular Demand'] is insane. I think everybody got off on that track...The Neptunes were in the studio and they were just showing off this time. A few things were a tug of war, but when they came with it, they just came with it every time." (Rap-Up)

Clipse previously broke the news of Rick Rubin turning down an opportunity to produce on their new album.

"He lied to us," Clipse jokingly admitted in an interview. "Rick Rubin lied to us. Nah, Rick Rubin ain't produce nothing. He lied to us. We went out to Malibu man, busted out with him. He gave us a lot of insight on the album and gave us some gems man. We came back, sorta re-vamped a few things and uh, you know, made the album a lot better due to that talk, for real. Definitely, it's the reason he's sitting in that [executive] seat." (Karma Loop)

The Virginia-based duo recently discussed their past issues with Jive Records.

"If you're trying to survive, you got to keep moving," they explained. "We've always been ourselves, and have done what the label doesn't do...You can't just expect them to do everything, and some labels aren't as passionate about the work that you do...You know the emotion you have behind it...We definitely don't cry over it, we keep it moving...Just like with Jive, when we saw how all that was going down, we made a whole big movie about it...The fans were in on it, and they saw how we were being treated, and they felt disrespected." (iHipHop)

Clipse said fans could expect a return to their debut album's sound for the new project in an interview last month.

"He came through with the clean sweep at the end," Clipse told radio personality Jenny Boom Boom. "We were basically like, we want hip-hop on steroids. We in a good space, we want that energy, we want that [feeling like] the first Clipse album. It was raw, a little bit more uptempo. It was hip-hop on steroids. And Pharrell creates for us. He don't go and knock off dust from old beats, he literally stops what he's doing and creates fresh joints. Sometimes we fight, disagreeing over music. We go back to the drawing board but that's what we gotta do, we gotta push each other." (Jenny Boom Boom TV)

Till The Casket Drops is slated to land in stores October 2009.

Check out a recent Clipse interview below:

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