News: Suge Knight's Las Vegas Home Goes Up For Sale

Thursday, Aug 13, 2009 10:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Hip-Hop mogul Suge Knight's former Las Vegas mansion has reportedly landed on the real estate market and is being sold for nearly $1.5 million.

Known for its history which includes being Suge's residence when Tupac Shakur was fatally shot in 1996, the home also carries additional trademarks.

The former Las Vegas home of Suge Knight is on the market, and if the sick dig's amenities aren't enough of a selling point, check out these other random facts: - It was used as Robert DeNiro's home in Casino. - It has a poolside BBQ and a guest house. - It was once raided by the police. - It has four bedrooms, seven baths. - Knight lived there when Tupac was shot and killed next to him in a car in 1996. - It's walking distance to Wayne Newton's pad. This historic Vegas landmark doesn't come cheap. Price tag: $1,495,000. (TMZ)

Similarly, 50 Cent's Connecticut mansion, which has been featured in his music videos, recently made headlines after having its sale price lowered by nearly $8 million.

The price of the Connecticut mega-mansion owned by rapper 50 Cent has dropped again -- to $10.9 million. The New York City rapper bought it for $4.1 million and said it had "a 'Miami Vice' feel" and spent $6 million on renovations and repairs. The home was for sale for nearly two years before being pulled off the market in May with the initial $18.5 million price dropped to $14.5 million late last year. 50 Cent says he's tired of the two-hour commute to New York City and wants to downsize. (Hartford Courant)

Fif recently settled a lawsuit regarding the home and renovation costs last month.

50 Cent has settled his lawsuit against an engineering firm over repairs and renovations to a Connecticut mansion he bought from boxer Mike Tyson in 2003, a court official said. Details of the settlement were not immediately available. Messages were left for lawyers for the entertainer and the firm, BVH Integrated Services of Bloomfield. Linda Cohn, deputy chief clerk at Hartford Superior Court, confirmed the settlement. (Associated Press)

Knight, who has battled financial hurdles over the past few years, previously spoke on his business plans outside of the music industry.

"I'm gonna be doing some movies, gonna do some music but you know mainly I've been around my environment," he explained in an interview last May. "You know, going back to the stomping grounds that I never left, enjoying it is basically what I've been doing." (Hip Hop Stan)

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