News: SOHH EXCLUSIVE: Buckshot Blasts Mega Concert Promoter, "Motherf*ckers Are So Scared Of Live Nation" [Audio]

Sunday, Aug 16, 2009 10:00AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

After causing a ruckus earlier this year for blasting the Rock the Bells 2009 tour, Buckshot spoke with SOHH and said his real issues were with Live Nation, the company which signed Jay-Z to a $152 million deal in 2007.

Despite the popularity of artists like Hov and Madonna joining forces with the mega concert promoting company, Buckshot lashed out against its "corporate" system.

"Somebody really needs to tell the truth man," Buckshot explained. "Live Nation has nothing to do with Rock the Bells. Motherf*ckers are so scared of Live Nation because you can say 'F*ck Rock the Bells' but don't say 'F*ck Live Nation.' Because if you say 'F*ck Live Nation,' you might not be able to do a show -- so f*ck Live Nation. I said it, Buckshot said it, f*ck you. How about that, Buckshot said it...and you know why? Because I'm that n*gga. I am that n*gga. I'm a n*gga that'll go against the corporate beast all day, everyday. So f*ck all the rest of these rappers out here, not just f*ck them, f*ck everybody whose scared. F*ck you if you're scared. I'll say it for you, Live Nation is a corporation of people that don't know nothin' about hip-hop music or nothin'. They just a bunch of corporate people that lock down the circuit -- so we can't have a show unless it goes through Live Nation. We can't get a concert unless it's Live Nation." (SOHH)

Buck previously made a rant over this summer's Rock the Bells' set-up in an interview last month.

"On the Rock the Bells tour, you got individuals who make decisions," Buck said in a phone interview. "Everybody got their own way of judging sh*t. It's just no way Slaughterhouse sold more records than Talib Kweli, but Slaughterhouse is going on after Talib Kweli. Motherf*ckers don't know why people be so [concerned] with who goes on first...They got two stages going on, it's so f*cked up because one crowd tried to go over and watch Wu-Tang and they try to watch Buckshot and KRS-One at the same time. And these people paid their money to see them...Rock The Bells is two different stages, one is accessible and the other is the main stage, something they call Paid Dues and then Rock The Bells...I earned my way to be here, nobody give Buckshot a motherf*cking thing...They have this fake a** thing called "show fanbase." Get outta here. Fanbase is a fanbase. People like Damian Marley and Nas are gonna headline the mainstage and that's cool..but for the background motherf*ckers, when Nas is on that stage....and I come on after, I get that same reaction. Selling records is something different." (Gamertag Radio)

Jay-Z joined forces with Live Nation and launched Roc Nation around April 2008.

Jay-Z is on the verge of closing a $150 million deal with concert promoter Live Nation that includes every aspect the rapper's future touring and recordings. As part of the partnership, Jay-Z will also launch an entertainment venture called Roc Nation. This will finance future start-up ventures by Jay-Z including his own label, music publishing, and artist consulting and managing. (New York Times)

The company previously made major headlines after hinting at plans to merge with Ticketmaster last winter.

Live Nation Inc. and Ticketmaster Entertainment Inc. said that they've agreed to merge in a $2.5 billion all-stock deal that would combine the nation's top ticket provider, artist management company and concert promoter under one roof. The deal could have a sharp impact on the way the music business works. It will also face heavy anti-trust scrutiny, with one top lawmaker already vowing to stop it. Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino will run the new company as CEO while Ticketmaster Entertainment CEO Irving Azoff will be executive chairman. Ticketmaster chairman Barry Diller will be non-executive chairman. (Market Watch)

Check out Buckshot's SOHH interview below:

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