News: Slum Village's T3 Reflects On Baatin's Memory, "I Have To Rep The Name Harder" [Audio]

Monday, Aug 10, 2009 9:06AM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Slum Village co-founder T3 recently spoke on the memory of group member Baatin and why he feels obligated to continue their legacy in light of the rapper's unexpected passing earlier this month.

Speaking via a phone interview from his Rock the Bells tour, T3 revealed their new album Villa Manifesto would still drop next month and said Baatin's funeral would take place on Tuesday (August 11).

"Our album is dropping in September," he said in an interview. "The album had already been recorded before he passed. God rest his soul. The guy was a hard worker and he completed a whole album before he passed. I'm the only founding member of Slum Village left and I have to go harder and I have to rep the name harder because I'm the only founding member. In light of being hurt and sad, which I am, I gotta keep motivating...I gotta take this opportunity to let people know about the Slum Village legacy and what we all put down. I'm still here man and I carry those brothers in my heart...Slum Village kinda stands for Detroit. Detroit has been through so much adversity and that's what [motivated] us...We still here paying dues...I didn't really want to go to the funeral but I gotta show all the people who are dependent on us that I'm still strong...I tell this to everybody, cherish the people you love and care for while they here man, and not when they pass." (On-Air Idiots)

Slum Village's Elzhi and T3 also paid homage to Baatin at their Vancouver concert shortly after learning of the rapper's death.

Baatin of the Detroit rap collective Slum Village, was honored by his fellow musicians while they performed at a concert in Vancouver hours after learning of their group mate's death. Somehow, T3 and Elzhi carried on with the show, both men expressing their deep regret and pain, and turning in a brief and energetic set that seemed miraculous for having happened at all. (Michigan Live)

A community tribute in the rapper's hometown took place the following day.

As the sun set Sunday, members of the tight-knit Detroit hip-hop community gathered to pay tribute to one of Motor City rap's brightest stars. Held at 5 Elements Gallery in Detroit, "Gone Too Soon: A Benefit for the Family of Titus 'Baatin' Glover" had drawn about 70 people by 9:30 p.m. and was expected to feature performances and DJ sets by Jessica Care Moore, DJ K-Fresh and DJ Sicari, who owns the gallery.Ty Townsend, road manager for Slum Village the last 7 years, said he organized the benefit to help Glover's family. Townsend added that a second memorial is planned for the African World Festival on Aug. 14, which is to feature Detroit musician Amp Fiddler. (Free Press)

His unexpected passing was confirmed by the group's road manager earlier this month.

Baatin, a rapper who co-founded the progressive hip-hop group Slum Village, was found dead Saturday morning in Detroit. He was 35. Ty Townson, road manager and a family friend, confirmed Baatin's death to the Detroit Free Press. Details were not released. (Los Angeles Times)

Villa Manifesto is scheduled to drop Tuesday, September 22nd.

Check out T3's interview below:

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