News: Ruff Ryders CEO Details Reunion Strategy, "We Gonna Work On Dropping X's Album" [Video]

Wednesday, Aug 19, 2009 3:50PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Ruff Ryders CEO Waah recently spoke on the strategy behind the reunion of DMX, Eve, The Lox, Swizz Beatz and he said fans could expect tours and albums from the team heading into 2010.

Speaking on how Jadakiss' "Who's Real" collaboration sparked public talks of a reunion, Waah also announced plans to launch an E1 Music-like company in the near future.

"This song is created from energy," Waah said in an interview. "Who's real? Who's fake?... It really started with his song and everybody wanted to get on the remix -- We all still together, with success what happens is you're grinding -- as they get older, everybody wants to do their own thing for a little bit, so we had to let everybody breathe, go and do their own businesses -- now everybody got a feel to be their own boss...The [next] steps is we gonna be putting out a lot of singles -- we gonna be doing a lot of promo tours and then we gonna go into the new year and we gonna start dropping albums. We gonna work on dropping X's album, Drag-On, Eve which will be the first, second and fourth...Then we got an independent project, we gonna be like our own Koch, our own Ruff Ryder Inc. where we show a lot of up-and-coming artists production companies how to be their own boss." (Dr Jay's)

Swizz Beatz recently spoke on the Ruff Ryders re-formation and why their music will continue to outshine others due to its realness.

"I think hip-hop is missing something that's real," Swizz said in an interview. "So we did 'Who's Real.' When we first dropped 'Ruff Ryders Anthem,' everybody felt like it was real. From that time to now, you don't really know who's real because everything is so watered down. The dog [DMX] is back. A lot of people are intimidated for him to make his appearance because you gotta understand that DMX is doing his thing. A lot of other artists are under pressure, a lot of labels are under pressure because it was something that they didn't even know how to contain. They didn't even know how to control DMX, the Ruff Ryders movement. Being with a movement for so many years, it's like being in the house with your parents. As a kid it's cool and your respect it but you wanna go out and explore your options." (YouTube)

He also described his experience re-connecting with E-v-e and X.

"I'm about to drop this joint that was supposed to be DMX and Jadakiss, but it's gonna be DMX and Eve," Swizz said in an interview. "I want people to hear Eve in that hard element again. X is on his A-game. They're in trouble. Just the lineup of music I have already done, ignorant! X is gonna come back so crazy. They are both on the way...I paused up on my album sh*t...I'm on a different level of expressing myself. I'd rather express musically than lyrically. But any minute, I can go in the studio and jump on some sh*t I made for somebody else and not wanna give it to them." (MTV)

Jada has co-signed the movement as seen on a recent "106 & Park" episode.

"We got the Ruff Ryder, D-Block remix out," Kiss explained as he and Swizz Beatz pulled out trademark Ruff Ryder bandannas in an interview last May. "We got [DMX] on there. X on there, Eve, Drag On, Styles P, Sheek Louch, we bringing it back. We bringing it back to that element baby! ... And yeah, yeah, the Big Bosses tour, me and my big homie Cam'ron coming to a venue near you real soon...Catalog is crazy right now. We got Lox album coming, Ruff Ryder compilation, new Sheek album, new Swizz album, new Kiss album. We gettin' it poppin' baby! ("106 & Park")

Check out Waah speaking on Ruff Ryders reuniting below:

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