News: Rick Ross On Birdman & Fabolous Collabo, "It Was Me Doing It For Hip-Hop"

Tuesday, Aug 18, 2009 12:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rick Ross recently spoke on his "Maybach Music 2.5" collaboration with The Birdman and Fabolous and described how the joint record was a gift for true hip-hop heads.

In addition to speaking on Baby and Fab, the "Boss" explained what sparked the idea for a continuation from "Maybach Music 2."

"It was just pushing the envelope," Ross said in an interview. "We did 'Maybach Music,' a critically acclaimed record. We did a shout-out to Jay-Z, and then on '2,' T-Pain, Kanye West, myself and Lil Wayne. It was an event. It was definitely a boss move. And then, we came back with '2.5.' I just got so many artists telling me, 'Oh, man, if only I could've got on that record.' It's a lot of people's favorite joint. So, I went and got some of my favorite MCs -- of course, Birdman...I look at my favorites for different reasons, and it's also about a feeling I get. When I hear Birdman rapping, it's a feeling I used to get when I'm in the streets that you could only get from that big homie that was making money. That's the feeling I get when I hear Birdman. Fabolous, he did his thing. I most definitely touched it. It wasn't no commercial game, no financial game. It was just me doing it for hip-hop, doing it for the streets of New York, doing it for [Louisiana], doing it for the South." (MTV)

Fabolous previously spoke with SOHH about not being able to attend Ross' summer tour alongside Juelz Santana.

"The thing with the Rick Ross tour, I think it was like a two-week run and I felt like I just wanted to go a different way," Fab explained. "I didn't really want to do an arena tour or any kind of mixture of that. I wanna do something more intimate, you know, House of Blues type of setting , theater kind of setting and something that complimented me supportive-wise. Not to say Rick Ross and Juelz didn't, hip-hop's so sensitive that you have to do a disclaimer for everything you say. And this project, Loso's Way, I also wanted to do a show with a band...Some hip-hop acts need to try that as well, 'cause it's really instrumental...I just wanted to do something different, so I'm not gonna be on that tour, but look for me to be out on the road late July." (SOHH)

The remix stems from Ross' Deeper Than Rap album which debuted at number one earlier this year.

Rick Ross' Deeper Than Rap led the way this week landing at No. 1 with 158,000 scanned discs followed by the Hannah Montana soundtrack which landed at No. 2 with 104,300 copies and Depeche Mode's Sounds of the Universe at No. 3 with 80,100 copies. Asher Roth's Asleep in the Bread Aisle debuted at No. 5 with 62,000 copies while Chester French's Love the Future opened at No. 77 with 6,300 copies. (SOHH Sales Wrap)

Ross recently hit the New York streets during a Rakim performance last week.

"Put your hands in the motherf*cking sky right now," Ross told the packed New York crowd before performing "Hustin'". "The Boss Ricky Ross is in motherf*cking New York, what's up? Yeah...Hold up, hold up, hold up...I gotta pay homage to motherf*cking, the motherf*cking icon of DJ Kid Capri. I just tore down the stage at the Madison Square with my n*gga John Legend and I heard the motherf*cking, the motherf*cking Rakim was gonna be in the motherf*cking building. So Triple C's came through, I got the BX with me, I got Def Jam in this motherf*cker and we came out to show motherf*cking love to the real motherf*cking legend." (SOHH On The Scene)

Check out Rick Ross' "Maybach Music 2.5" below:

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