News: Rakim Gives Details On Album & Dr. Dre Split, "Too Many Creative Differences"

Tuesday, Aug 11, 2009 1:50PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Rakim recently spoke on his upcoming Seventh Seal album and promised there was no bad blood between his former Aftermath boss Dr. Dre.

While keeping details scarce, Rakim said Busta Rhymes would be featured on the new solo project.

"Too many creative differences," he said about the Aftermath labelhead. "[Dre] wanted to go in one direction, and I wanted to go in another. I really wish we could've gotten on the same page, and an album would've come out like four years ago. There weren't any bridges burned, though, so hopefully we can work together again. One good thing that did come out of living in California for a few years was it opened me up to some West Coast sounds that I didn't know existed...I used a bunch of hungry, talented [producers] -- Needlz, Nottz and my best-kept secret, Nick Wiz... I spoke with Eric B before I started recording, and we both decided it was in our best interest not to collaborate...I'm trying to keep everything a secret. I want people to be surprised. I will give you one name, though: Busta Rhymes. He's an amazing New York artist who I really wanted to work with. I'm laid-back and he's all over the place, wild and very colorful. It's a great mix. (New York Post)

Rakim's first official single, "Holy Are You," landed online last month.

"I need to talk to y'all for a minute," Rakim says in the intro. "Get serious for a minute. For those who find it hard to believe/It is they call me the God MC, the lyricist...the world wonder, still standing like pyramids/Designs so vivid, each brick it's got a story to tell...It's like watching a Big Bang theory emerge, I take titles, ball 'em to a billion words...Rap tight, rap like I've been preserved in time/Spit the holy water/Touch it to turn it to wine/It's the God..." ("Holy Are You")

He recently spoke and confirmed the forthcoming release of his new album and broke down the project's title.

"The seals are from the Bible - Revelations and the coming of the Apocalypse...The Lion of Judah breaks the seven seals one by one, each imparting knowledge and inflicting catastrophe, ending with seven trumpets announcing the end of Times...I want to do that: to spit fire and take our best from the ashes to build our kingdom; to recognize all the regional styles, conscious lyrics, the tracks, underground, mainstream, the way we treat each other. Lose the garbage and rebuild our scene...I don't accept that the new generation is looking for anything different than what we've always been looking for. Depending on the moment, they want bangers that make them crack their neck...Every generation wants that real hip-hop. And I've always been able to bring that." (Reuters)

The rapper previously weighed in on the importance of New York rappers to rep authentic hip-hop.

"New York is responsible for bringing that raw...real gritty hip-hop 'cause we originated it" Rakim said in an interview. "New York and the East Coast, we gotta represent and do our part and then it's okay for everyone else to do what they do...then it'll be a balance and everybody will be happy...but once New York and the East Coast start submitting certain sounds right now, then yeah, a certain element of hip-hop will die." (Jenny Boom Boom)

Check out Rakim's "Holy Are You" below:

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