News: Raekwon Refutes Alleged Statement On Joe Budden Feud

Tuesday, Aug 11, 2009 5:02PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon has reportedly released a statement through his Ice Water Music company in which he denies he has addressed and squashed the alleged beef between him and Joe Budden.

According to a statement, Rae is solely concerned with the promotion of his upcoming Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 project.

"Contrary to various reports that have been circulating on the Internet since Saturday, Raekwon has made no statement, either official or unofficial, about a reported altercation that supposedly involved members of his entourage and rap artist Joe Budden," a statement reads. "This includes statements allegedly made to the staff of Rock The Bells. Raekwon and his associates are busy focusing on his company, IceH20 and preparing for the highly anticipated release of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. II that will hit stores September 8th, 2009." (Hip Hop DX)

Rock the Bells founder Chang Weisberg initially said he thought both Budden and Raekwon had squashed their issues.

"It was heated," he said in an interview, "People were not feeling some situations and at the end of the day sometimes the best action is no action at least in L.A. But in San Francisco, yes, everybody got in a room, there were a lot of discussions and were able to keep it moving. I don't believe they'll be any more issues moving forward." (XXLMag)

According to Joey, Rae's camp refused a fair fight with Joe after Joe sent out an invitation.

"Everybody worried about my well-being, I'm all right," Joey promised. "I think @RaekwonIceWater forgot where we were. We were in LA, for the people that don't know the relevance there, my n*gga Crooked is from LA. So needless to say, the playing field evened out a little bit within an hour...So when the playing field got evened out, n*ggas from that camp over there -- wanted to know what they could do to resolve this situation. There's really no resolving this situation because I got hit in the face, well, almost hit in the face...This whole situation could go away with a square dance...A square dance is when two n*ggas square up [and] square off...N*gga told us he ain't wanna square dance. He ain't had a square dance in 30 years. Which first off, how the f*ck old do that make you? And number two, why not? This is the same n*gga on the f*cking blogs talking about 'Joe Budden is soft,' 'Joe Budden look like he called the cops,' and he don't wanna square dance with me...It's either a square dance or no comment at all...I need the fans to urge this n*gga..Ask the n*gga why he don't wanna square dance." (YouTube)

Budden also gave fans Raekwon's Twitter page in hopes of persuading the rapper to face-off against him.

"n*ggaz lookin like Larry Holmes.....," Joe wrote via his YouTube page. "lets keep the street sh*t in the street, but as rappers, i think its important 2 stand behind your words... please fans, help @raekwonicewater stand behind his." (Chea 201)
Check out Joe Budden's peace offering to Raekwon below:

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