News: Raekwon Defends His Hip-Hop "Hater" Status, "I Just Get Tired Of Everybody Following 1 Lane" [Video]

Thursday, Aug 27, 2009 1:35PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Raekwon recently spoke on the state of hip-hop and why the rap game is missing diversity despite newcomers like Drake and Kid Cudi offering their own different and signature sounds.

While not naming any emcee in particular, Rae compared today's rap game up-and-coming artists to his own upbringing.

"I'm a hater but I'm not a hater," Raekwon explained in an interview. "I just get tired of everybody following one lane, following one main mind frame. I just want the music to be more creative and not just be the same thing all the time. 'Cause kids are really starting to think hip-hop is just about being goofy or whatever, it's like yo, this is poetry man. This is poetry that's inspiring us and the people that we grew up to in hip-hop was real creative, so we gotta be creative as well. You know, like sound-wise, everything has got to change. Everything sounds great. At the end of the day, me being from the '90's, I salute the young G's, get your money, do what you do. I'm not pointing at you, I'm just saying the way the game has stopped thinking about creativity and just started thinking about money, that ain't fair to hip-hop. Let it be round, let everything surface..." (Go Where Hip Hop)

Slaughterhouse's Royce Da 5'9 recently offered his thoughts on the rap game's struggles and why artists like Eminem and Jay-Z are vital for hip-hop.

"The game is super f*cked up, and we need a makeover," he said in an interview earlier this summer. "We need Slaughterhouse, we need Eminem, we need Jay-Z's next album, and we need Nas to come back out." (iHipHop)

Crooked I spoke with SOHH earlier this summer about why their music outweighs profits.

"It's in concrete, August 11th," he said. "This is what we need at this time period in hip-hop. This project is what we need. It ain't all about the money. If we doing sh*t for money then I'd probably have a number one ringtone right now. I do it for the love. I do it for the passion. I do it for the art form. That's something that the fans should appreciate even more, the fact that we are willing to sacrifice the money to come and do a group in this economy and it's four of us. It's not for the money man." (SOHH)

While not naming anyone specific, Bun B claimed only a select few rappers were still profiting from hip-hop in an interview earlier this summer.

"I wonder if people who ask Southern artists [about their past streaks also] ask West coast artists or Midwest artists or New York artists that, because all those regions are falling off," Bun said in an interview. "Hip-Hop, in general, doesn't have the demand power it used to in any region. We had a good run in Houston, but every region's in trouble. There are really only six people making money off rap music. Everybody knows that...I definitely think that Z-Ro is on the brink of becoming a national superstar. It's pretty much up to him to decide whether he goes as far as he wants to go. The only thing holding Z-Ro back is Z-Ro." (Vibe)

Check out Raekwon's interview below:

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