News: Raekwon Co-Signs Joe Budden's Peace Calling, "At The End Of The Day I'ma Lose" [Video]

Sunday, Aug 16, 2009 12:00PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon has decided to withdraw from any future conflicts with Joe Budden and explained why his personal life, not emcee skills, would force him to lose against the rapper.

Speaking with radio personality Charlamagne, the Chef explained why he has decided to fall back after a publicized assault on Budden last weekend.

"September 8th, I love Joe Budden," Raekwon joking said in an interview. "My thing is this, it's like, enough is enough. You know what I mean? Enough is enough. I'm on the road swallowing a lot you know, 'cause I'm a business man. I'm really trying to escape that negativity world. Beacuse at the end of the day I'ma lose. I got children. I got family. You know what I mean? And it's like, I'm the type of dude that I don't get no points off of punching no little dude. I got love for him..." (100.3 The Beat)

Budden recently said there were talks being made behind the scenes which would suggest their issues were squashed.

"It's fixed," Budden told radio host Angie Martinez Thursday (August 13) afternoon. "Slaughterhouse is for peace -- the [handshake] was for business purposes. I think we're already there [for moving forward.] I'm not saying me and him in particular, but, the people who need to speak to each other are definitely speaking to each other..." (Miss Info)

Budden originally said he was assaulted by Rae's camp earlier this month.

"It was such a sucker punch," Budden said in a live broadcast. "Rae didn't punch me. For the people just joining us that would like to know what happened...I'm trying to figure out how this could happen...Just need to let n*ggas know, that I'm all right. I know how the Internet is. It moves 20 times faster than real life...It's gonna look like some other crazy sh*t that didn't take place, I must really love you guys...Them n*ggas came in here like Storm Troopers and sh*t. They made a grand entrance...They asked me a whole bunch of questions that they didn't want to know the answers was like an interview gone wrong. My whole thing is, I would have had the most utmost respect for that n*gga if he would have been like, 'Eh, take a walk with me.' I just don't really know how these guys think they can do a show right after. How you gonna perform after that?...Now it's not Slaughterhouse versus Wu-Tang, it's definitely not that. It takes that leverage away. I'm definitely sexy still." (Blog TV)

Rae's camp later issued a statement on the rapper's behalf which said he had not discussed the alleged fight with any media outlets.

"Contrary to various reports that have been circulating on the Internet since Saturday, Raekwon has made no statement, either official or unofficial, about a reported altercation that supposedly involved members of his entourage and rap artist Joe Budden," a statement reads. "This includes statements allegedly made to the staff of Rock The Bells. Raekwon and his associates are busy focusing on his company, IceH20 and preparing for the highly anticipated release of Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Pt. II that will hit stores September 8th, 2009." (Hip Hop DX)

Check out Raekwon's interview below:

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