News: Q-Tip On "Family Day" Controversy, "50 Cent Is A Success Story We All Should Applaud"

Thursday, Aug 27, 2009 8:55PM

Written by Cyrus Langhorne

Q-Tip recently spoke on the controversy, which include death threats, surrounding 50 Cent's upcoming Family Day celebration in his hometown Queens, New York and why the G-Unit leader should be allowed to perform for fans.

Tip also addressed his issues with New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

"He not right for the spirit of the city," Tip said in an interview. "50 Cent is a success story we all should applaud. However you feel about him, you can't deny him. He had something going on in his old neighborhood -- our old neighborhood, because I grew up there too. He wanted to perform there. He can have the benefit but he can't perform...I think that's a shot to morale...It's a shot to somebody's morale, who's 15 or 16 years old. That's an impressionable soul who sees 50 Cent, how he's not able to see him perform in a way. I think the [city's officials] are aware, but they think [50's] performance may cause rabble-rousing, or get people to act out. That's just an old way of thinking about folk, especially black folk. That's what it all boils down to, essentially." (MTV)

Bloomberg released a statement earlier this month announcing 50's withdrawal from possibly performing.

"Our understanding after talking with 50 Cent is he has no plans to perform whatsoever. He might go, but he's not going to perform," Mayor Bloomberg said in an interview. (New York Post)

According to early reports, the event will be heavily guarded for the protection of Fif and the people attending.

The planned appearance has sparked concerns from local authorities, who have recruited an "army of cops" to shut down the area, fearing violence will break out if a shooter takes aim at Jackson. There will be "hundreds" of cops - including officers from special gang units - who will be present. Community Board 12 manager Yvonne Reddick says, "The concern is the [lack of] manpower. That's a lot of people. The park is surrounded by a residential community." (Contact Music)

Former Unit associate Bang Em Smurf recently said 50's event was a sign of his popularity declining.

"I'm bringing things back to South Jamaica Queens," Smurf said in a video. "Giving back to the hood, like I've been doing for years. It took 50 and them n*ggas six years to try to give back to the hood now. You know why? 'Cause they're going down. So now they trying to get back to the hood when they finished. So they wanna start taking the hood to motherf*cking Great Adventures...I been doing that for years. Now they giving back to the hood 'cause they finished. You see 50 don't got a [record] deal or the G-Unit don't got a deal in other words. These n*ggas going down. It's a universal law, what goes around comes around. I read a lot of books, that's universal law. The same people you sh*t on, on your way up, you gotta see them on your way back down. And I'm just waving at these n*ggas 'cause I'm on my way up...I just wanna shout-out 50 too because you the reason I'm in the situation I'm in right now. This sh*t is chess, not checkers. I learned that from you too. That one stupid move you made, you know what I'm talking about." (Hip Hop Beef)

Check out Tony Yayo's interview speaking on Family Day below:

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